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Ministries Call to Fasting & Prayer Call to Fasting & Prayer

Important Call to Fasting & Prayer Feb 25-27 from the Leaders in the Faith of Yeshua in Israel. It is being endorsed by so many, see the prayer points and their names at the end.


Oh, that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears, that I may weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people.

For My people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and have hewn themselves, cisterns – broken cisterns that can hold no water.

Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is in the Lord. (Jeremiah 9:1, 2:13, 17:5,7)

Our nation is passing through, what could be, the most critical hour that we have faced in our history since our establishment as a modern State in 1948.

We are confronted with war on multiple fronts, within and without the present borders of Israel. We have been fighting a war in Gaza for months and have suffered great losses and casualties, whether it be the deaths and severe wounding of many of our civilians and soldiers or the deaths and inhuman humiliations of many of our hostages.

The unexpected invasion of Hamas on Shemini Atzeret and the invasion of our unprotected security barrier by thousands of terrorists resulted in the first nightmarish holocaust on the soil of Israel. This happened, not by coincidence, one day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, which also took Israel by surprise.

The unprotected southern border of Israel was a reflection of an ominous spiritual reality that our spiritual gates were open and unprotected so that Satan could bitterly attack us because of sin in our Land.

We are facing a desperate situation that challenges us as never before in our modern history. All human solutions are feeble in the face of the multiple dilemmas and quandaries that face us concerning internal and external battles that threaten our existence as a nation.

The sinister pressures and demands of the US and other nations that are weighing upon Israel, if conceded to, are sure guarantees of future disaster. If we do not submit to this outside pressure, we could well find ourselves fully isolated from the world community of nations.

Before us, remain the unresolved questions of war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and an ever-increasing possible future atomic war with Iran and her proxies in the nations that surround us.

If ever there was a time when we, the indigenous Body of Messiah in Israel, needed to take our place as a priesthood before the throne of God on behalf of our nation, it is now! There have been several calls to prayer in Israel by the religious establishment, but we as a Body have not yet gathered together to humble ourselves before heaven on behalf of our nation, beseeching God that His mercy, forgiveness, protection, and divine intervention be extended to us.

There has been prayer in the individual congregations, but we have failed as a Body to be united as one Voice before heaven, in fasting and prayer as a priesthood on behalf of our people. There was one joint Zoom prayer meeting at the beginning of the war and another meeting of approximately 100 leaders, Jews, and Arabs, who prayed and repented before the Lord.

The sin in the Land has opened spiritual gates for this present disaster to come upon our land and people. The divisions and enmity within the nation and its leadership, the hatred without cause, the shedding of innocent blood through abortions, the advocacy of immorality and sexual perversion, the idolatry and pride, and the great sin of rejecting the sovereignty of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob over this land and its people - have all worked to remove God’s covering of blessing and a great measure of His protection from upon us.

The Nova party, at which our youth were dancing around a large statue of Shiva was reminiscent of the sin of the Golden Calf and a clear warning of its consequences. We do mourn with all those who have suffered and lost their loved ones at this event.

We have indeed failed as a Body to beseech the Lord in unity and unison for His mercy for Israel and to stand in the gap before Him in asking Him to forgive us of our many sins against Him and each other. Before we can effectively stand in confession and the humbling of our hearts before God for Israel, we must first begin with ourselves. We, the undersigned, in deep agreement and conviction of heart, believe that it is time to seek the Lord and to call the Body of Messiah in the Land to three days of fasting and prayer with a main emphasis upon Repentance.

The following is our understanding of how we are to seek the Lord during these three days, from the 25-27 February:

     The first day of the 25th is to be a day of personal repentance of each individual believer, for sins against the Lord and one another. Repentance must first begin with each individual human heart before God.

     The second day of the 26th is to be a day of repentance and prayer for the Body of Messiah in the Land. We have been delinquent in our priesthood as was clearly revealed during the period of the coronavirus pandemic when we could not meet together as a Body in prayer and repentance before God for our sins and the sins of our people.

     There is hardness of heart within the Body, unresolved and unrepented issues between brethren which include unforgiveness, divisions, a lack of confession of sin, and a poverty of grace and love. This refers to unresolved issues within the various congregations, unresolved issues between different congregations, and unresolved matters between the leadership of different congregations. Judgment begins in the House of God and so we must humble ourselves for these matters and other serious issues within the Body.

     The third day of the 27th is to be a day that we stand before God together for the many sins of our nation as mentioned above, according to the call of Joel 2:12-19. We beseech God to have mercy and to forgive our people of our sins, of our turning to the arm of flesh rather than to Him, the living God of Israel. We will bring the sins of our nation before Him and remind Him of His covenantal promises to Israel and pray that His Name would be honored and His glory revealed amongst us.

     It is our understanding that the leadership of each congregation that agrees to commit itself to this Call, should lead their people during these three days as the Lord would direct them. Rather than calling for joint meetings on Zoom, it would be better for the leadership of each congregation would gather its people together and help their congregations to relate to these specific issues together. Congregational leaders should orient their preaching of the Word before these days, to prepare the hearts of their congregants for this time of repentance, fasting, and prayer.

The Lord has long waited for us to come before Him together and He is faithful to do a deep work in our hearts as we humble ourselves before Him. If we come to Him in an attitude of mourning and sincere faith, He will surely hear our prayers for Israel and respond to our cry for mercy on behalf of our people. Our only true hope, legitimacy, and destiny as a nation is in the Lord Yeshua and His Word. Our only confidence is that as we honor, exalt, and enthrone our King through our lives as His Kehilah in His land, in faith and in lowliness of heart, the Lord will have pity on His people, will answer us and will be zealous for His Land (Joel 2:18).

In the true bond of His fellowship, love, and faith, your brothers

 Avi and Chaya Mizrachi - Tel Aviv

Reuven and Benjamin Berger - Jerusalem
Tony Sperandeo - Kfar Sava
Evan Thomas - Netanya
Rick and Patti Ridings - Jerusalem
Eitan Shishkoff - Haifa
Claude Ezagouri - Tiberias
Shmuel Birnbaum – Bat Yam
Dani Sayag - Haifa
Karen Davis - Haifa
Beni Mugas - Haifa
Najib Attieh - Haifa
Nizar Touma - Nazareth
Saleem Shalash - Nazareth
Ariel Blumenthal - Jerusalem
Michael and Dina Beener - Sderot
Victor BahBah - Ramley
Eehab Ashkar – Shefa-‘Amr
Daniel Matiash - Haifa
Gil Afriat - Tel Aviv
Alexsey Raikhstad - Tel Aviv
Michael Yaron - Rishon Letzion
Howard Bass - Beer Sheva
Chad Holland - Jerusalem
Guy Cohen - Akko
Jonathan Moore - Jerusalem
Marcel Rebiai – Jerusalem
Simcha Davidov - Ashdod
David Injiashvili - Rishon Letzion
Daniel Rozen - Tel Aviv
Argaw Andargachew - Tel Aviv
Lev Guller - Neytanya
Gennadiy Shykhotvsov – Haifa
Eli Dorfman - Jerusalem

Indoctrination of Young People the Root of IHOP Chaos? I believe so.

Indoctrination of Young People the Root of IHOP Chaos?
I believe so.

IHOP could not be playing better worship music in between its only 2-a-day live worship sets. "And what else can I give? I'm desperate for You." Amazing worship, a deep reminder of the value of IHOP to the greater community.

Yesterday I read some of the comments from people about IHOP that were on Michael Brown's Facebook page. He was asking for some of the positive reports people had about IHOP. There were many I could agree with, but many came to silence any good reports. 

One negative comment came from a young woman who had been at IHOP who regarded the telling of the "prophetic history" of IHOP as  manipulation. The prophetic history of IHOP is, of course, its vision: 24/7 prayer & worship and the Israel Mandate - that God means for the Church to pray and prophesy over Israel for Israel's salvation.

That young woman actually wrote that it was the young people who were targeted with the prophetic history: "They literally targeted those with more vulnerability to fantastic tales." Also that "what older people got was a fraction in emphasis and weight of what the young and the involved or staff got."

Also she said, "Without understanding the psychology, the sociology, and those all consuming dynamics you will never come close to beginning to understand the impact one facet of a teaching had on the people who were in it."

I recognize a narrative when I see one. Where is God in all that? Nowhere to be found.

Yesterday the name "Absolom" was dropped in my spirit. I need to go study the verses again, but I remember what Absolom did: he betrayed his father who loved him. He went around behind David's back spreading unrest and badmouthing David, while wooing people that he would be a much nicer leader for them to have than David. 

It makes me both sad and mad that so many young people, who have self-confessed "more vulnerability to fantastic tales" have believed the narrative that has been spoken to them how Mike Bickle was leading "a cult". That's why the noncharismatic/prophetic always say about the charismatic/prophetic.

Why are so many Christians NOT alarmed by these things going on among the young people tearing a ministry down to the ground?

Why would so many Christians just accept accusations against a minister and not be concerned that there has not been biblical due process carried out. We Christians even in the current corrupt political environment, have realized that a person is "presumed innocent until proven guilty." Why has that been absolutely thrown overboard in Mike Bickle's case. 

The woman referred to above, and many of the Christians who have tried to silence my questions of what is going on there, said that it is biblical that all that is required to determine guilt is two witnesses. That is one verse but that is not the whole counsel of God on passing judgment. God saw there were different levels of complications in human matters that required more standards of justice. 

Anyone in the United States or Israel, or other nations across the earth today, should be well aware by now that even multiple accusations against a person does not equal guilt. A perfect example of that is seen in the story of Jezebel, patron demonic spirit of Feminists, in her orchestrating two lying witnesses against Naboth so she could STEAL NABOTH's vineyard for the wicked King Ahab. We have seen this play out in the political realms and now we see it play out in Kansas City at IHOP. Stealing Bickle's vineyard that the LORD gave him.

Would you begin to pray over all those who have been caught up in the narrative that is destroying IHOP, for God to blow away the fog of deception that has settled on the Kansas City House of Prayer? 

Break the power of deception, on all those who have embroidered a false narrative, we pray the Spirit of conviction would fall upon them. 

Terrify them to catch a glimpse of how they have aligned themselves with the Accuser of the brethren. 

Break the power of the lies, cause people who know better than to believe all of these grandiose narratives, to rise up and declare freedom to the captives and a release of repentance to sweep across all of them. 

Declare a reckoning with reality of all those who have believed in lies and a release of repentance on all liars. 

In Jesus name, I pray Abba Father You would move now, and not allow the enemy to have the upper hand in this place, this network, this holy work You called to be raised up for such a time as this.

Release an anointing of spiritual courage to rise up and oppose the  overweening flood of lies that have been spilling out of so many, marring those in its path, discouraging faith and revealing so many to be in great envy and jealousy of the work in IHOPKC. 

Do not let them destroy what You called and anointed, O LORD.

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A Prophetic Warning: Did God speak about Oct 7 BEFORE it happened?


In late November, after being held hostage by Hamas for over 50 days, 17-year old Mia Lamberg clutching her beloved dog, Bella Bida, was released in a hostage deal that included her mother and her aunt Clara. Mia is shown here “perp walked” through a crowd of civilians in Gaza snapping pictures of their victorious hostage grab of a young Israeli. Many female hostages that were released from captivity have spoken to being victims of rapes and sexual assaults while in Hamas captivity. Even more women on October 7th were victims in a frenzied attack of unspeakable brutal – not only sexual assault but also horrific murders of entire families. How are Israelis to process that level of violence in their own land? What will God do to punish the wicked and vindicate and heal the innocents?

My cover story this week in Arrows from Zion is from the Tel Aviv Tiferet Yeshua congregation, A Prophetic Warning: Did God Speak about Oct 7th BEFORE it happened? by Tamar Afrait
Last year on Purim (March 7th, 2023), an announcement was made that there would be a historic global prayer initiative for Israel which would take place in May. By all accounts, this global prayer initiative, called “The Isaiah 62 Fast\Global 21 Day of Prayer for Israel”, was unprecedented: over five million believers from around the world committed to stand in prayer for Israel during that time.
One of my fellow worshippers at Tiferet Yeshua who had also heard about this prayer movement for Israel said to me, “What is going to happen here that God is raising up so much prayer for us right now? It’s kind of scary. There is definitely a reason that we are going to need this prayer.” If we had known what was really in store for us exactly 7 months later…frankly, we would have been terrified.
That horrific tragedy would strike our people on October 7th, the dimensions of which we are still living out today. However, as we gathered together as a congregation on zoom that day to seek the Lord, we recalled a prophetic word which was shared in our midst less than one month before and realized with awe that God had been lovingly preparing us for this moment.
God is Speaking to Us and to You | The idea of suffering and enduring persecution is terrifying and naturally something one wants to avoid. This is perhaps one of the main reasons the theology of pre-tribulation rapture is so largely embraced and advanced (Tiferet Yeshua leadership does not hold to a pre-tribulation rapture of believers). The point here is not to argue the theology of those differing positions. What I want to convey is that, here in Israel, we are experiencing a tribulation: a condensed, microcosm of the worst of human horrors (sadistic rape, torture, murder, captivity in abominable conditions) which has then been followed by a growing chorus of hate, blame and offence from many in the world.
God, however, in His mercy, spoke to us before it happened. Even though we had no idea how quickly and how literally the prophetic word would come to pass, it continues to be an encouragement and guide to us as we navigate this difficult, frightening and often confusing situation. This prophetic word strengthened us in the knowledge that God is sovereign, that He is motivated by perfect love for us, and that He will clearly speak to us in order to prepare us beforehand.
In this tribulation, we are discovering how incredibly present He is. We are also discovering how this tribulation is causing so many frivolous pleasures and worries of the world to simply evaporate. It is causing His Word and promises to burn within us. We do not see explicit promises in the Word of God to take us out of tribulation: on the contrary, Yeshua promises that we will have tribulation in the world (Jn. 16:33). However, the Word promises that God will be a very present help in tribulation (Ps. 46:1). Discovering that through experience is gold refined by fire!
A Word from the LORD | In September of 2023, Oren, a greatly gifted teacher at Tiferet Yeshua, submitted a word he had received from the Lord to Gil, our lead pastor. Oren, a truly humble and sincere man of God, explained to Gil that he had never heard a “word” from the Lord before and, furthermore, that nothing like this had ever happened to him. Oren described how on the evening of Rosh Ha Shanah he experienced an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit and was moved to write words which he felt were barely His own.
After prayerfully considering the word and sharing it with our elders, Gil felt that Oren needed to share it with the whole congregation at the next service which was the service right before Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). The timing was perfect, of course, because it was God’s timing: that service was dedicated to standing before God in humble repentance and intercession for our people.
Continue reading the Word given to Oren online

Donna: There was a cry this week I heard in a Zoom meeting as Joel Jelski of Fields of Wheat expressed the level of grief, pain, sorrow and hurt that Israel is reeling from still after 4 months since the attack on Oct. 7th. It is much more deeply felt than most people realize, then the PTSD of what their eyes have seen, and the shock of how the world concerns itself over what Gazans instead of having empathy for devastated Israelis. That is why this Feb 9th issue has that as a major there in the ministry letters I have shared, also there is a strong theme of the prophetic too. What is happening is prophetic. The anguish, the terrors – these are what real people are experiencing as the devil challenges God for Israel as the place the throne of King Yeshua will be seated in Jerusalem – on earth as it is in Heaven. As people of this only true King, it is our duty to intercede as His kingdom is birthed in Israel. It is coming.

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Smite the Shepherd to Kill the Israel Mandate


Yesterday I got a comment that helped me distill my great dismay about the situation at IHOP. Someone was encouraging me to realize that the Israel Prayer room is going on as it always has at IHOP. That is just the problem: the idea that it can just be a take it or leave prayer room one can enter, instead of it being a major emphasis of the congregation, church or prayer network.
What I was watching throughout 2023 is Mike Bickle removing Israel Prayer from a small side prayer room, out into the central global prayer room where it belongs. It is not a side-issue to the dual vision given to Mike to raise up a 24/7 prayer house network that would pray for Israel's salvation in such a time as this.
Everyone makes prayer for Israel a side room not understanding the ripple effect that Israel's salvation is going to have on the last great harvest of souls: "For if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life from the dead?"
People want to pray for themselves. Everywhere - from Messianic synagogues to churches with a major commitment to support the work of the Israeli ministries doing the work of Jesus' ministry to Israelis - it is hard to get more than a few dedicated souls to treat Israel prayer as something more than a 'side room'. They may have a full house for prayers for the congregation, the city, healing, etc., but Israel prayer will be a side issue comparatively. And few of those want to lift up the arms of our Israeli Messianic brothers doing the ministry in Israel because everyone is more interested in praying for the 'big issues' of wars and politics and Israel's public relations in the nations.
Until prayer for Israel focuses on the SALVATION of Israel, and until the people are rooted and grounded in Israel's central position in God's plans for the end times, praying for Israel will always be just a little side room where a handful of dedicated souls gather.
To increase the numbers of those willing to dedicate themselves to prayer requires being
#1 taught the scriptures related to God's promises to Israel and how it impacts ALL believers Jew or Gentile, and
#2 to be taught the TRUTH which wipes out the lying narratives about Israel that many Christians are entrenched in along with their unsaved loved ones and peers.
I thought the accusations rolled out against Mike Bickle stunk like rotten fish from the beginning. Because having just begun to follow the IHOPKC Prayer Room in March 2023, I had seen that what Bickle was rolling out was breaking out of the side room vision for intercessions for Israel and making it a significantly increased theme of the prayers made from that Global prayer network. DISCLOSURE: I have been to a couple of past Israel Mandate conferences at IHOP, but I have never followed IHOP or so much as said "Hello" to Mike Bickle. This is not about loyalty to Bickle, it is about seeing his loyalty to the Heavenly vision given to him for Israel's salvation.
The IHOP 24/7 prayer and worship house was raised up for the purpose of prayer for Israel's salvation - it was not to be just another side room for prayers in the house, it was meant to be the primary purpose for the Global Prayer Room for such a time as this. Did God not intend IHOP to be leading prayer for the horrors and needs of Israel facing the first great outbreak of brutal attack in the Oct 7th massacre by Hamas?
Making Israel's salvation a priority prayer every day in the Global Prayer room is exactly what Mike Bickle was moving it. That began to unfold with the announcement in March to do the 21-day of prayer for Israel on behalf of the worldwide prayer group that was going to meet in Jerusalem at the end of May. The intercession specifically was for God to open their eyes to catch the understanding of what God is calling the ENTIRE church to - intercession for Israel's salvation in the time when the warfare against it would begin to increase in earnest.
There is no other way for me to look at this than an attack on the Israel Mandate. Even after that 21-days ended there was an increase in the prayers being made for Israel in the main prayer room continually ...and it has dwindled away since Mike was separated permanently from IHOP BEFORE the investigation and judicial hearing for him! The vision Mike carried from God was to finally merge into the dual mandate 24/7 prayer & worship & Israel's salvation. Now Israel is back to being treated like a side issue.
Some good strides have been made toward investigative and judicial hearing that is fair to Mike, but already, the new leadership of IHOP has stepped away from Israel Prayer intercession as even mentioned in the recent speech about what IHOP's commitments would be going forward. Israel prayer was not even mentioned.
So no matter what, without Mike Bickle, IHOP may continue, but the reason God raised up that prayer house will have cut out the primary purposes of God that the Church would be the intercessory midwife that helped Messianic Israel to bring forth the birth of "all Israel" being brought forth.
God is never defeated. As Mordechai told Esther, "Do not think to yourself that in the king's palace you will escape any more than all the other Jews. For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Esther 4:13-14
I know that everyone thinks this is about Mike's sins over 2 decades ago, but in the end I believe it will be shown to be something else. It will be about Mike taking IHOP to a level of commitment to Israel that the people under him did not have grounding in to support, so like Korah fighting Moses, a revolt was led to oust him. The enemy knocked out the Israel Mandate at Kansas City just when the need for intercessions has never been greater. The #1 Thing Most Christians Know RIGHT NOW is just how severely traumatized and hurting Israelis are. You really have no idea how deep the wounding, pain and grief really are even among believers. In my view, the accusations against Mike Bickle were faked traumas to halt the intercessions about real and devastating traumas that would unfold among Israelis at the hands of Hamas terrorists on October 7th. What has been revealed ever since has been at a horrific level of man's inhumanity to man and most of the world lines up spouting foolish defense of Gaza. It is also impacting the horror, sorrow and grief in Israel. It is appalling to me that the feeble accusations against Mike would wipe out the prayers being made for Israelis at this time, but that is exactly what has happened. From Israel-oriented prayers being made 7 days as week in the Global Prayer room at IHOP, going out all over the world, dribbling down to focus on one day only? That is what this fake sex controversy has been about. Nothing about the accusations so far have given me any reason to believe this is nothing but trumped up #MeToo inflated sexual false allegations. Traumatized? See what the Israeli women suffered Oct 7th. That is sexual trauma.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Am I Saying There Is Nothing God Wants to Correct at IHOP-KC?

Job Rebuked by His Friends 
Painting by William Blake  (1757–1827)

Yesterday a Christian minister I have connected with in the past, and with whom we continue to follow each other on Facebook, contacted me. He wrote to get a clarification about what I have written in response to the situation we have all been watching at Kansas City IHOP. Probably it was the last thing I wrote that he was referring to, which was What is Happening at IHOP-KC is a Demonic Assault that Impacts Prayer for Israel.

Since he asked, I'm sure some might have the same question for me which he framed as: 

"Several of your posts have seemed to infer that the ‘only’ reason all of this is happening to IHOP / Bickle is because they have prayed / do pray for Israel and have a commitment to Israel as part of their mandate. Maybe this is not what you meant to convey, but that is what seems to be coming across.

"Sadly & unfortunately, I don’t think that this is ‘only’ reason this exposure and clean-up is happening to IHOPKC. I have sadly walked through 4 moral failures among pastors in the last 20 years of being in Texas – all very close to us. Our involvement spans from; watching ‘others’ decide everything as junior leaders, to being involved in direct confrontation and decision making. Some worked out well and some did not.
"Based on 30 years of pastoral ministry, the fact that moral failure being cleaned out in every corner of the Church (Ravi Zacharias, Hillsongs, Southern Baptists, Bill Hybels, etc.), AND observing the processes and communication coming from IHOPKC - there has to be by default, unhealthy governance issues within the IHOPKC organization that have overridden the ways of God for an extended period of time. These need to be revisited and reset. I don’t agree that separation with Mike Bickle was needed – but this also depends on whether he was cooperative with their internal process (if any is in place) for discipline and restoration. We may never know.
"For me, inferring (intentionally or not) that IHOP’s current issue is ‘only’ related to Israel, is problematic.    

I appreciate my friend's feedback on how he perceives what I have written, though as I told him, I have written a lot on what's happening at IHOP and I doubt he has seen all of what I have written. I say that because there are obvious issues amiss, but I believe what is amiss at IHOP is general practice in the non-denominational church and perhaps in denominational too. It is due to a lack of understanding the justice principles God lays out in the Hebrew scriptures. Since there is so much rejection of the "Old" Testament among Christians, there is the idea that everyone can make up their own rules for handling things. That is like the Book of Judges where "everyone did what was right in their own eyes."

Early on in my exposure to the Messianic movement I came across Daniel C. Juster's book called, Due Process | A Plea for Biblical Justice Among God's People. Over the years of my walk with the Lord, I have discovered that biblical justice means a lot to me. That is one of the reasons I vehemently reject the ideas of current "Social Justice" warriors. Their justice is doing what is right in their own eyes, not in God's eyes. It is a sure formula for injustice. 

To get Mike Bickle and IHOP-specific, hopefully within all I have written about what has been happening there I have managed to communicate that I don't believe there was nothing broken that doesn't need repair at IHOP. Certainly there is, as there is in so many congregations.

But I do look at Mike Bickle as being similar to the example and case of Job. There were things that God wanted to do in Job, as He wants to do in Mike, but it was not as his friends accused him of. What they did was dump every biblical reason someone might find themselves in such a bad place in life as being the result of some sin they in essence were accusing Job of.

I believe the same has been done to Mike Bickle and when the dust has settled we are going to find that God actually has a really high regard for this man.

As I just wrote in my blog post, What is Happening at IHOP-KC is a Demonic Assault that Impacts Prayer for Israel, I do believe this is a WOKE attack against Mike to destroy the Israel Prayer Mandate of his dual commission from God. And just to make it clear, I DO believe there is a raised level of warfare against Mike Bickle because of the Israel Mandate. I don't want to waffle of that point. Many reject it thinking the Israeli Mandate is just another ministry focus a person can be devoted to in ministry. That is not the case. The Israel Mandate is truly the final frontier in the kingdom of God. So, YES: I do believe the attack on Mike, in the hidden demonic shadows, is to dismantle the IHOP network for praying for Israel's salvation. No waffling on that point for me.

We are all in a process of being transformed into the likeness of Yeshua/Jesus. We are not perfected. We all still have pockets in our hearts that God does not fully occupy. We are pressing toward it, but as 1 John 1:7-9 tells us: "But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

One of the few things we have learned from Mike Bickle is that he acknowledged an inappropriate relationship 25 or so years ago that did not include sexual intercourse, which he confessed to God, repented of, turned away from and thought it was under the Blood of Jesus. 

On the other hand, there are two women who have accused Mike Bickle during the time period of 20+ years ago. Accuser #1 and accuser #2 have been misrepresented as if they were children. There has been ZERO talk of the women to confess, repent and turn from their sin. They are not acknowledging their sin, seeing themselves as victims only. This is typical religious woke feminism.

From the beginning I was alarmed to see the Advocacy Group and their close allies among the former IHOP central leadership, conflating the handling of all sexual-related issues at IHOP in the past as Mike's sin.

From my observation throughout the prophetic circles and many churches there are no policies for dealing with sexual accusations involving leaders or members. If the person accused is a frequent visitor, minister or supporter of the ministry not directly under the authority of the minister involved, there is a reluctance to address the person because they are not under direct authority of the minister.  

It is a bit of widespread cowardice I think, because if someone is being accused of repeated sexual impropriety, whether directly under the ministry authority or not, it is a matter of protecting the sheep in my view. We would do almost anything to keep from confronting on the issues of sin.

I don’t know if you read the latest investigator’s report or not, but I was struck at how many of the unnamed accusers were divorced with their ex-husband’s involved in whistle blowing or adding some layer of character reference.

The church doesn’t even bother preaching about divorce anymore and the rate of Christian divorce is on par with the unbelievers. Sure there are plenty of things wrong that need to be addressed, but I deeply oppose all those things being dumped on Mike Bickle’s shoulders. Gee, if we could just get rid of Mike, we could be so much holier - we might even be without spot or wrinkle!  (Huge eyeroll!)

I to believe the moral failures of Mike differ from those named by my friend because Mike said he repented – confessed and turned away from the sins going forward  the next 20 years. That is a huge difference.

I cannot even fathom God letting Mike go on in unrepentant sin all the way to 2023 where Mike would actually for the first time in history, orchestrate worldwide prayer for Israel's salvation. It was the largest Christian prayer for Israel EVER held. Believe me, this is a priority to God. Just like God is not going to allow any war to wipe Israel off the map, He is also heavily invested in Christians in ALL nations praying for Israel's salvation. (Not just the Asian Christians as one prophet had the audacity to suggest recently!)

It is not even expected of the two women accusers that they be held accountable. 19 is not a child as they are being portrayed. This is WOKE justice and I am increasingly convinced a Woke-Feminist (Jezebel) attack on Mike. I have to repeat what I wrote days ago: 
At the end of the age two chief principalities make war on the saints of God: Jezebel and the Beast (brute beasts like Hamas, China, Iran, etc.). Since this is so, why don't we see the Jezebel warfare involved in destroying Bickle?

Every young congregation needs to look at IHOP-KC as a cautionary tale: if young people are not rooted and grounded in God's intentions and plans for Israel and how they fit in, a coup may be waiting in the wings. Many of the ideas of equality and social justice are not rooted and grounded in God's Word at all. The younger generation carries the baggage of indoctrination into the views of secular social justice. They must be taught Biblical justice. God has real justice. 

Those are some of the reasons I stand by my assessment that the attack is primarily to do with the Israel Mandate that was blossoming at IHOP the last year. I don’t believe IHOP’s current issues are only related to Israel but I believe the hidden demonic agenda to destroy the Israel Mandate is also exposing the issues common throughout the body of Christ from all who are participating in dumping all blame on Mike.

I do not mean a bunch of people at IHOP got together and formed a conspiracy, but in the demonic realm the uprising has been forwarded in order to abort the worldwide prayer commitment for Israel's salvation that Mike initiated in 2023. It is just as clear to me as it was Pharaoh ordering the murder of babies to stop Moses and Herod ordering the murder of babies to stop Yeshua. The baby in this instance is a 24/7 worldwide prayer for Israel's salvation.

In one of my favorite passages, Isaiah 54:14-17 “In righteousness you will be established, far from oppression, for you will have no fear. Terror will be far removed, for it will not come near you. 15 If anyone attacks you, it is not from Me; whoever assails you will fall before you. 16 Behold, I have created the craftsman who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its task; and I have created the destroyer to wreak havoc. 17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the inheritance of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.

I expect to see Mike Bickle emerge at the end of this thing vindicated by God.  I hope that clarifies my thinking somewhat.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

What is Happening at IHOP-KC is a Demonic Assault that Impacts Prayer for Israel

 I often feel like the voice crying in the wilderness on this one and everyone else seems to be baying for Mike Bickle's blood. 

The other day I was listening to the IHOP singers and one of them started a 'chant' personalizing that she was "the apple of God's eye." I happened to catch her give one of the musicians a mischievous eye and smile when she repeated it and others picked it up. Maybe it is just her way, but it  troubled me and seemed purposeful - a knowing "appropriation" of a uniquely specific God-to-Israel verse. The Church has not replaced Israel as the apple of God's eye. Church people are no more worthy of God's love and loyalty than Israel. 

It disturbed me seeing that in one of my most favorite musical teams at IHOP, but this is an overwhelmingly young congregation. They did not come to Kansas City untouched by the indoctrination of what their peers believe about Israel. Every young congregation needs to look at IHOP-KC as a cautionary tale: if young people are not rooted and grounded in God's intentions and plans for Israel and how they fit in, a coup may be waiting in the wings. Some of the ideas of equality and social justice are not rooted and grounded in God's Word at all.

I know that the apple of God's eye can include all followers of Jesus who have been grafted in, however, many do not realize that is because we Christians have become the "commonwealth of Israel." It is only those Christians who embrace Israel who are going to go on into "the fullness" of spiritual maturity to the identification by God of being called "Zion" along with the "one new man" Messianic believers.  I honestly do not think that embrace is a mere elective; it will be the ultimate litmus test of our caring about God's way or our way.

As far as Israel is concerned, I don't consider what is happening at IHOP-KC a distraction, but a pointed indicator of the warfare ahead for standing with Israel as a Christian. It is not only an indicator, but the first major case of a hostile take-down of a ministry that was raised up for such a time as this to watch over worldwide prayers being made on Israel's behalf to the throne of God. 

That is why God gave Mike Bickle a dual mandate for 24/7 prayer and worship houses network to ultimately pray for Israel's salvation in such a time as this. The heat is on and the work of the enemy has benched Bickle and sidelined the vision of IHOP-KC. If you took a poll at IHOP-KC and alumni, I believe it would show overwhelming that they believe IHOP-KC could continue to thrive as a 24/7 prayer and worship house network WITHOUT praying for Israel except as a token gesture. But that is not the vision God gave when establishing it. 

In the past week Jeremiah Johnson published a dream he had about Mike Bickle being "the pope" of 24/7 prayer houses. In the dream God gave JJ a prophetic word telling how God was taking Mike's 'pope crown' away, throwing it down and breaking it and JJ was to distribute it out pieces of it to other prophets. Johnson named a few. Then he said he gave a piece of Mike's "crown" to the believers in Asia and they would be the ones that carried the ISRAEL MANDATE. That is so against what God's WORD says about the mandate to pray for Israel being ALL Christians in ALL nations!

God never set up Mike Bickle as "the pope" of the work he was called by God to build, and he sure never acted like "the pope" in the eyes of those of us who watched him over the years. I am reminded suddenly of the rebellion of Korah who led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron, accusing them of exalting themselves above the congregation of the Lord ( Numbers 16:1-3 ). BEWARE what you accuse Bickle of. Tread carefully. 

Mike's rollout of the fasting and prayer for Israel and for the worldwide intercessors who would be praying for Israel at the end of May 2023 was with all humility. In honesty, much of what has come out from the prophets smacks of envy to me. There is always a willingness to assume the worst about someone we feel competitive against. 

I know that many are thinking, well what do you do about the accusations of sexual impropriety against Mike Bickle, just give him a pass? No. But I do recognize that ALL OF THE ACCUSATIONS four months later are still just accusations even though most of the charismatic world has already accepted all the accusations as true, and dismissed Mike Bickle without so much as even knowing, much less questioning his accusers.

This is why God calls us judge all matters His way - not our own way, and not the world's way! Because His way is measured, calm and just - it does not spiral into judging matters based on our emotional ties with someone, like an accuser. 

We are instructed by God that we HAVE TO judge matters without "respect of persons" - without strong emotional ties that do not allow us to judge without prejudice or bias; and on the basis of facts, not accusations alone. Anyone can make accusations for any number of reasons, but facts are the high standard to convict anyone of anything justly. Family members make terrible investigators, prosecutors, judges and juries because they are too clouded with emotion to focus only on facts. 

I have watched the accusations made against Mike Bickle quickly grow into being a serial "predator" who "manipulated using prophecy" to "groom" young women for "future forbidden relationships" to being the spiritual world's version of Jeffrey Epstein, allowing other sexual predators a place to pick out victims. No evidence, just accusations that are being hidden from the rest of us. I have seen prophets pontificating on how he was always the spiritual offspring of other older prophets who were tied with IHOP early on who had their own sexual sins. What bitter, envious, wrong-spirited accusations against Mike Bickle! 

It has been a full on demonic assault against him. It may not be a human conspiracy, but it sure is a demonic conspiracy. Mike Bickle carried a mantle for raising up 24/7 prayer and it was for the purpose of creating WORLDWIDE PRAYER HOUSES THAT WOULD BE ENGAGED IN THE PRAYER FOR ISRAEL MANDATE. Never has Israel needed worldwide prayers more than now. 

This attack on Mike Bickle began to unfold on the very month - March - when Bickle first shared his vision for the 21-days of prayer for Israel's salvation to engage the worldwide intercessors who would be meeting in Jerusalem at the end of May to pray for Israel. Most of that second group that Mike was directing prayers for them to catch the Israel vision, had NO inclination to understand GOD's HEART for Israel - that is why Mike called for IHOP to completely immerse themselves in Fasting and Prayer for this extensive worldwide group of intercessors to get the revelation. 

The truth is, most of IHOP-ers have had no clue why they should be involved with the Israel Mandate.
[My source of this comes from an "insider" in IHOP who confided it was so before the controversy of 2023). Most IHOP-ers only have the vision for 24/7 prayer and worship. I believe the same is true in the international network of associated prayer houses. IHOP-KC was a foothold that if this controversy had not broken out, would have become the launching point of God's vision of the "one new man" (Ephesians 2:15) breaking new ground internationally. I pray God will make a way for that to be carried out still.

Also I do believe the lack of understanding at IHOP about the essential role of the Israel Mandate is due to a lot of generational baggage younger people have been indoctrinated with. They have been taught to equate Israelis and Palestinians as mutually aggressive rather than understanding the the terrorists who rule Palestinians have for over 70 years been fully committed to annihilation of all Israel. Many Christians have bought into the lie that if they are not pro-Palestinian and instead support Israel, that they are not really being "Christian" about it. Lie. 

I don't believe that it is by coincidence that Accuser #1 had a 20 years later traumatic revelation in March of what her sexual activities with Bickle meant to her. 

Her view was that he had victimized her, not that she as a 19 year old woman had decided to engage in a romantic involvement with a married man. At 19 she is responsible for her own decision regardless of how she might idolize Mike. For me it is not so hard to understand that she would throw Bickle under the bus as a predator, so she could remove herself from any responsibility or accountability. She would not be the first woman to do such a thing - feigning innocence and blaming the man entirely. 

We have been overly sensitized to the #MeToo Feminist version of sexual encounters, that many men are eager to prove they are not one of those brute beasts males who take advantage of the weaker sex. Hence they "Believe the Woman"

In the Deep South 100 years ago, when a white woman would have consensual sex with a black man, then afterwards have fearful regrets of being caught, she would accuse the black man of rape.  Of course her word was accepted over his and he would end up swinging from a tree for consensual sex.

Pardon me speculating but I fear this is exactly what is happening to Mike Bickle. If it were not the case, then he wouldn't be left hanging for the past four months being tried in public opinion instead of getting a real, just, fair, impartial investigation and hearing of the facts - within the body of Christ. If there are none among us who can be considered impartial judges, able to hear the facts and give judgment without bias or prejudice, then we are far truly in horrible condition as His representatives on the earth.

The refusal to allow cross examination of the accusers and with the "Advocacy  Group" now making videos to tell 1-sided stories that further inflame public opinion is a huge red flag to me. One of the women featured in the YouTube Advocacy Group gave us another layer of the story by saying it was because she was seeing the life of the husband of accuser #1 blowing up, she got him to confide in her the story his wife told him about Mike Bickle. 

That is what set everything in motion. Why must we just accept that she told her husband the whole truth, keeping nothing back? People keep secrets even from their spouses, especially guilty secrets. How much greater do the stakes become to the accuser's marriage if an honest and fair cross examination pokes holes in what she told her husband? It is motivation to stick with the story, isn't it?

 Any group that seeks to silence a fair hearing for Mike Bickle is censoring fact-finding and that will only lead to gross injustice. Personally I believe there is much jealousy being exposed in those who are so willing to believe the worst of Mike Bickle without a fair investigation and hearing by judicial, spiritual elders in the international body. Also that among many of the women involved in the controversy surrounding this there is an aspiration for a spiritual version of the Feminist movement in Christian circles. I believe the hearts of many are being exposed, and really it is for the purpose of everyone being able to repent for their failures and sins, not just playing at holier than Mike.

I pray God will speak mightily into this nightmare at IHOP-KC which is bringing denunciation of prophesy altogether and causing others to walk away losing faith. "Its all been a lie."

As for Mike Bickle, he has confessed to an out-of-bounds relationship with accuser #1 that was just short of actual sexual intercourse. Still forbidden, but he also said he confessed his sin before God, repented of it - which means turned away from the behavior - and believed it was a sin under the blood of Jesus.

As for accuser #1, it ludicrous to me to believe that after 20-something years of keeping her secret from everyone, she finally had a sudden revelation 
while watching the trial of Bill Cosby that her sexualized romance with Bickle had been all his fault. She never told anyone in all those years what had taken place. That is guilt, not repressed memory.

I believe we should pray for God to arise and shake the lies out of this whole thing. Let the sunshine in and the truth be known.

On 2/1 the investigator for IHOP released her findings which can be downloaded. From these findings & additional information, I stand by completely what I wrote above several days ago. 

"Never Again" really is NOW


A majority of at least 15 out of 17 judges voted in favor of imposing the so-called provisional measures, including the court's president, Joan Donoghue of the United States. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel on Friday to take action to prevent acts of genocide as it wages war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip but stopped short of calling for an immediate ceasefire.
Five days later the full impact has hit me that “Never Again” really is NOW.

“Never Again” really is NOW
by Donna Diorio

I found I cannot walk together with people who do not embrace Israel. When I left the Messianic congregation I was a member of for many years, my full intention was to go to D/FW churches to bring in awareness of God's intentions for the restoration of Israel. I realize this doesn't speak very well of me, but I found I could not exist among a people who could not grasp the intentions of God's heart toward Israel. 

     They made me too mad teaching the whole book of Romans and just skipping over Romans 9, 10 & 11 like those chapters held no relevance to the church. Or hearing a famous healing minister take the pulpit of that same church to say he didn't get Mike Bickle's ‘Israel deal.’ Things like that ended up making me flee. Even in the beginning of my discovery of the Messianic movement, hearing a major prophet preaching from a replacement perspective one night rolled off the platform and hit me like a physical gut punch. When I took the issue to discuss with the pastor later, he denied there was any prejudice in himself or the prophet. But what else explains a theological conviction that in God's eyes there is no more place was found for Israel, but the Church has replaced them as God's chosen people? How does anyone erase the reality of Israel in the whole Bible? How do we get so blinded we "appropriate" God's promises to Israel for ourselves and leave all the punishments to Israel alone?

     Believe me, I tried to stick it out among people who don't believe God's everlasting intentions for Israel, but the spiritual warfare swirled around me so much I could not stay in those places. There are those who obviously must be far more mature spiritually than I am, who can just sit there and intercede for them, but I couldn't. I had to run away—far, far away. My place is where believers understand that Israel is God's and He will give them sight to see Yeshua is their Messiah.

     The Israeli ministries having been saying for a while now, "Never Again is Now." Not until just this minute had that statement hit me full force that it really is now. In my mind I had set that time farther out in the future—the things I studied in the 1990's about the Holocaust, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life, about how eventually we will all be "counting the cost" in hostile, anti-Semitic times. It was my great desire not to fail to stand with the Jews if I was ever in the place where it would cost dearly to cast my lot with God's plans for the restoration of Israel. Now I can't keep the tears from flowing realizing just how now 'Never Again' really is. 

     This is the place where the devil begins peeling away in earnest all those who didn't realize it was going to cost them something to stand with Israel. It does cost something, but not making the choice to stand will cost more in the end.

Friday, January 26, 2024

The World Entertains the Enemy’s “Days of Rage”

 The Hit Israeli TV Series

FAUDA is what OCT 7th released
throughout the world

The World Entertains
the Enemy’s “Days of Rage”

It was just a matter of days after Hamas launched one of the most brutal attacks on Israel that has ever been seen, that a “Day of Rage” was called for supporters of Hamas to demonstrate in cities around the world – many cities in the nation, not just one city for each nation.  Israel was staggered not only by the level of violence against them, but deeply grieved by the level of international support for the terrorists. The brutality of Hamas even exceeded the brutality of Isis that stunned the whole world. Why was there such a wide empathy gap for what Hamas terrorists did to hundreds of Israeli citizens?

     It has been the blatant lies of the enemy that international governments have played along with over 70 years of ruthless attacks on citizens in the modern state of Israel. Israel and their terrorist attackers were portrayed as equally provocative with each other. Lie. Israel has always been on defense posture against intractable aggressors. If anyone wanted to know the truth they could find it. Instead lies are chosen.

     On the 99th day after the Hamas attack, even more people around the world came out to “Globalize the Intifada.” This is Fauda – pure and simple: Chaos. It is lawlessness and no so-called Christian can explain it away to me as anything else. If people align themselves with brutal terrorism and call it “freedom fighting” that doesn’t mean I have to trust their emotions are rightful. What these demonstrations are a witness to is not the globalization of the intifada, it is the globalization of lawlessness expressed in anti-Semitism. It is both spiritual and prophetic that the whole world is mobilized to such an irrational, undeserved hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. It is rebellion against God and a rejection of the truth.

     2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 says, "The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie."

    If that verse doesn’t fit this situation, as we like to say in Texas, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.  –D.Diorio

The last week of 2023 I was in expectation of what God would speak to me about 2024 and within days the Spirit began to impress on me that the word God was giving me for 2024 was "Generations." It has be a concern to me for several years the great chasm between generations that exists in the world, now exists in the body of the LORD.
This is so against God's desire for all generations alive today. 

Donna Diorio, January 26, 2024

I am opposed to the youth divide that is so evident in the body of the LORD today. It should not exist! There are no Gen X or Z, Baby Boomers, Millennials or Alphas in the spiritual body of the LORD - that is the divisions that seculars make to divide and conquer.
There are no disrespectful divisions if we follow Yeshua, but VALUE for all ages. We will reject the popular secular divisions according to decade-"generations" in favor of His making of us all "one New Man" in Himself. There is a God given beauty to every age that is to be valued and respected, not disdained as youth have chosen in the past decades.
I know this is true: my generation of the 60's and '70's were led down that same path too and deep divisions were the result. When I rediscovered God in the 80's, I was so blessed to see youth and the aged value and respect each other. It spoke to me the truth, "and they shall know you by your love for one another."
Can't have love of one another with value and respect regardless of age. And when we are alienated by each others views, someone is not aligned with the Word of God.


Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Age of Consent


Strictly speaking, this article is out of the bounds of Israel orientation, but not really because it is something that the Israeli body of Messiah handles better that Western Christian ministries do. It is also about a Christian ministry that raised up both 24/7 prayer and worship houses and intercession for Israel worldwide. My focus on what is happening in Kansas City is directly related to my mission of advocacy for the Israeli body of Messiah.

First written Jan 24, 2024 on my Facebook page: 

One of the incidents that turned me off to American prophetic circles is an experience I had many years ago with a group of female intercessors who were so caught up by the prophetic that they did not use any discernment with prophetic words or prophets. I created a great uproar when I told them that the male prophet whose word they were passing among themselves was in opposition to the Word of God. The spit hit the fan and I was #1 bad guy to them.

What was he saying? He was telling married women how God saw how wonderfully spiritual they were and what a spiritual deadbeat they were married to, that God was going to get rid of their husband and grant them a spiritual partner on the same level of spirituality as the women.

Frankly I could not believe that any of those women accepted this kind of "prophecy" but they just adored the prophet, who went on to become quite a famous name in prophetic circles. Of course that was not the end of what this group of women followed prophetically. I couldn't be a part of that, and anyway, I was already marked as an 'enemy' to their prayer vision which I have always believed "preyed" on me in witchcraft prayers.

That is part of my turn-off experience to the prophetic, although I have always believed in the true prophetic - it just has to align with God's Word, that's all. I have developed a zero tolerance for prophetic weirdness.

I have told this story because although I believe some good efforts are being made in the IHOP situation, there is still something that troubles me greatly and that is the "believe the woman" thread running through everything I see coming out of the investigations there. That there has not been even a hint of accountability for the women involved in accusing Mike in the first place, is greatly troubling to me. The women are being treated like child abuse victims, instead of women making bad decisions which allowed sinful sexual relations.

As long as we realize Jezebel, the principality so rampant in Western nations, has a part in all that is going on, how can we possibly ignore what scripture has to say about these situations?
Here is what the Apostle to the Gentiles had to say in

2 Timothy 3:1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

6 FOR OF THIS SORT ARE THOSE THAT *CREEP* INTO HOMES *AND LEAD INTO CAPTIVITY* SILLY WOMEN" (gynaikarion) and LOADED DOWN WITH SINS, LED AWAY WITH (epithymia) desire for what is forbidden/various lusts, 7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Women can look for love in all the wrong places too, but God's Word does not absolve them from their choices to sin even when wooed by men who are also being led about by "desire for what is forbidden/various lusts".

As Daniel Juster of Restoration from Zion has said, "the male minister carries a deeper accountability," but there is no justice if the women are treated as abused children, and not held accountable as having chosen sin at an age of consent. We aren't taking about 12-year olds or about rape, only regret after the fact and many women carry that same regret without trying to shift all blame on the man.

The level of Jezebel influence in this thing is a true bother to me. I get it the men who want to protect their daughters, but as a woman of God, I can tell you: women make choices to sin just as much as men do.

I am also concerned that even though we have had hints thrown out about the sexual exchange between Mike and accuser #1 - that the exchanges fell short of actual intercourse, but involved everything else, that is really all we have been told about any kind of sexual interaction with Mike himself by any of the accusers. Even that accusation is over 20 years old. Mike has been reported to have said he believed it was a sin repented of and under the blood of Jesus. I have seen nothing of substance in all the accusations to doubt this.

What we have heard is accusations against Mike that he did not do the proper thing when incidents were reported to him about other men who pursued women at IHOP for sexual purposes.

This is why I believe this aspect is being mishandled because Mike saying the man was not under his authority to deal with on accountability level is pretty much the same thing you would hear across the board in prophetic circles in America, and probably beyond prophetic circles too. This is kind of 'spiritual rule' to keep to your own sphere of those under your authority and accountable to you, and not to intervene with people who are not under your authority and accountability. I think this is wrong when we a speaking of wrong-doing that impacts the body, but this is just the way it is practiced widely across ministry.

So it is easy to see why the women holding Mike's feet to the fire on this point would think it Mike's personal failure, instead of realizing it is 'industry standard'.

One of the men who is accused of preying on women at IHOP and through his own ministry, has been conflated to add additional weight to accusations against Mike, as if he has been running a sexual predator's pleasure resort. That is so out of the bounds of justice in my view.

Other leaders who were contacted to do something about that prophetic man also declined to intervene with one citing the 'not under my authority rule' and the other given a pass because it was in the midst of his wife dying of cancer.

The fact is, if 10 - 20 highly placed prophetic ministers had been contacted about the man, likely all would have passed on doing anything. This is not Mike's failure alone, this is 'industry standard'.

It is not fair or just even to imply it is all Mike's fault publicly, in my opinion, seeing how it is only the "insiders" with a certain view of Mike that have been allowed to publicly air their narratives about what is going on. No defense of Mike is allowable and until transparency and accountability for ALL involved is embraced by the authorities over this, injustice is the only thing that can come out of it. And leaving the whole prophetic world divided against each other for the failure of biblical justice.

Genesis 3:13 Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”
The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

Blame shifting doesn't get by God.