Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book Review: Eddie Santoro's "Lifted UP"

At the beginning of Eddie Santoro's trial in the battle for his life there came out a photograph of Eddie being physically lifted up the Lord by those in the Jerusalem congregation he pastored, Ahavat Yeshua (Love of Yeshua). It has remained the most inspirational picture I have ever seen out of the Israeli Ministries probably because it visually captures what my own summary of prayer requests from Israeli ministries has sought to encourage over almost two decades: to lift the Israeli ministry leaders before the Lord that He might answer our prayers for their ministries among the people of Israel.

Now the inspiration of the photograph has been quadrupled in Eddie's telling of his story behind the picture.

Reading "Lifted Up" is like reading a modern day version of the book of Job, a book I have read many times over the years. The attack of satan against a man of God is devastating and revealed in the intimate thoughts of man living through the fiery trials. But Eddie's experience of being like a modern day Job is different. Instead of sitting in the counsel of accusing friends, Eddie's story is about sitting in the counsel of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Messiah Yeshua who is the Word of God that indwells each of us that believe.

I'm sure that not every word that was spoken to or about Eddie's battles with cancer was faith-building or encouraging, but Eddie is not communicating that story, as was the case in the book of Job. Eddie's story is more about the internal dialogue with the Almighty in the face of every discouraging, knee-weakening and withering phase of his all-out battle for life against formidable, multiple cancer attacks.

In Job's day, his friends uttered true statements from God's Word that they misapplied to Job's pitiful state of being. In Eddie's day, the Holy Spirit uttered true statements from God's Word perfectly applicable to rescue him from every fiery dart that has tried to annihilate him. The end of the story of Job is a restoration of everything Job lost by double.

All Job had to do was forgive those who spoke the wrong things about him in judgment. Eddie's battle has been purely focused on the reality of his inheritance in the Almighty through Yeshua. Whatever happens next, one thing I am sure of, Eddie's story will be a profound breakthrough for many. His testimony will be doubled with power and anointing to all who receive it. -DD

"Lifted Up" is available NOW on Amazon in the Kindle edition and paperback.
Eddie Santoro writes, "
I believe that this book will be an encouragement to all who read it as it is not just about living through and overcoming cancer but is a way to victory in any trials we are facing. I encourage you to read it. You will be blessed!