Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Christian Support of Rebuilding the Temple


Dividing between the joints and the marrow. I know that's what the Holy Spirit does, and in the case of understanding scripture, we need the Holy Spirit to divide between things to get to what God is saying for us right now.

One of the reasons that almost anyone can justify whatever they believe with scripture is that there are many dichotomies in scripture - seemingly contradictory flat statements of Divine truth. The reason for that is that God did not want to just give mankind a rule book that could be consulted as the last word for every circumstance. If you haven't noticed living is much messier than that! What God wanted to give us was a book of instruction on His general standards of righteous living, and then in the detail of exact circumstances the need for us to find the WAY to address the circumstance by the sweet counsel of the Holy Spirit.

This is where many believers who want to please God go wrong. They mistake the general instructions of God with the specific instructions of God in every situation. Ecclesiastes 3 is the best explanation of this: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." 

What may be the right Word to apply in one season, is not the time or purpose of God for every season. We have to be aware of this and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We have to seek God even though we have His Word book of instruction for walking in life.

I'm thinking about this because this morning I got a really awful email from someone who very likely has mistaken my stance on the rebuilding of the Third Temple. The email was incredibly anti-Semitic - complete with picture of Benjamin Netanyahu with red eye-pupils glaring like a demon with a crowd of angry Jews standing behind him, one gripping the family jewels like a gangsta rapper. I knew from the graphic that the email was going to be bad, and although I didn't bother reading it word for word, I did scan it enough to know that the main thing was a warning against the Jewish desire to build the Third Temple - and how that would inflame the whole Middle Eastern nations' Islamists to insane fury.

I cannot argue with the idea that all the Temple Mount folks who are pressing to kick the Dome of the Rock out and rebuild the Third Temple are playing with dangerous fire. The Israeli government and most of the Israeli public keep a lid on those guys for that very reason. Unfortunately, many Christians support these Temple Mount groups with absolutely no comprehension of the ramifications to Israel.

First off, this obsession with Christians over the preparations of the unsaved religious Jews to rebuild and outfit a Third Temple is a DISTRACTION from what the Holy Spirit through the Body of MESSIAH is doing in this SEASON in Israel. My gosh, if Ecclesiastes 3 ever applied to anything, it applies to the misplaced fascination of Christians for the Third Temple building!

In other words, Yeshua is building an eternal temple made of LIVING STONES in Israel right now, but most of the Christian Israel supporters are not interested in that one iota and instead are hanging on every word of those who threaten Israel by going about seeking to establish their own righteousness with a Third Temple.

This is the season of salvation, not the season of God's Temple in Jerusalem which only Yeshua can sit upon the throne of.