Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunshine and Gross Darkness

Yesterday I found myself butting heads with a young guy who thought very highly of his political science education at UCLA and thought so poorly of my writing that he couldn't focus on the points being made only on what he considered grammar so poor he could not lower himself to read, much less consider.

He was dead wrong on his position in favor of the new "order" that just came out of this administration lowering the bar on granting asylum to people who have given material support to terrorists.

Yes, I know how it has been crafted to read like it is just out to protect the shawarma seller in the casbah, but I also know it has been written to grant this terrorist-hugging administration the wiggle room to allow whoever they choose to allow in the USA. They are re-writing law and the American public will pay for it as victims of 'homeland' so-called domestic terrorism.

Several reports that I've read say this order has been in the pipeline for quite a while so the administration can take in 3,000 or so Syrians. I'd be willing to bet good money those 3,000 have made more than an insignificant level of material support to terrorists in Syria. I can pretty much guarantee they are not talking about granting asylum to the Syrian Christians who are caught in the terrible crossfire of Syria. Christians throughout the Middle East are completely overlooked as an insignificant minority in the politics of the ME.

My own take is that last year the administration got caught waiving the laws against allowing individuals with terror connections into the country, and even into meetings with the president. We are talking about fairly high level Muslim Brotherhood people, one who came here specifically to plead the case for Obama to grant the Blind Sheik release from prison. The Blind Sheik being the spiritual leader who egged on the terrorists who did the first World Trade Center bombing. Rahman also inspired the second attack on 9/11.

The Muslim Brotherhood terrorists regard the Blind Sheik as a spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is why the riots in the Egyptian embassy broke out, even as Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other men were being murdered in a terror attack in Libya. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood wanted to apply pressure to get the Blind Sheik freed from U.S. prisons and the federal prosecutor who put him away was pretty convinced that they were going to persuade Obama to do that fairly soon. Then the Benghazi scandal broke.

Now mind you, this administration, from the White House to the National Security Director, from the CIA to the DOJ believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer a "terrorist" organization but rather a legitimate political organization. Which is why they trotted out that stupid story about Benghazi being caused by a low-rate YouTube video hardly anyone had ever clicked on before Benghazi.

Anyway, all this got me thinking. I know there is a terrible thing going on in our schools and universities. Education is a great thing - but it is only as good as the educators and the study tools.

I think it was Brave New World that talked about re-educating the people who broke away and thought for themselves. Our schools in America have become propaganda mills to such a great degree. They do not promote critical thinking, but promote a Liberal Leftist worldview that looks down on all those who don't go with their party line. It is outrageous that we have not paid more attention to who are teaching in the colleges and universities.

It can happen in Christian circles too. The first church that my husband and I went to 30 years ago is a good example of how harmful mixture in spiritual teaching can be too. We got an excellent grounding in the word of faith, but unfortunately that's not all we got.

One Sunday morning the pastor came out and told a dream he had that he knew was spiritual but he didn't know what it meant. It was clear to me what it meant. A baby was being washed in a tub that was filled with dirty water and as the dirty water was poured over the baby it was causing deformities.

Being a spiritual baby myself, I knew that it was "the washing of the water of the Word" only taught in a perverse, error-filled way. It was producing spiritual babies who would grow up deformed because of the things they were being taught that were in error.

That pastor did not internalize the dream. He thought it must be talking about someone else. We left that church not long afterwards. This dream was one of God's prompts to get us out from under the pressure that was put out there for people not to leave. You have to be able to think and move for yourself.

Education is a good thing, but if your education causes you not to be able to think and evaluate for yourself then what is it really worth. The word says knowledge puffs up. That means we can get stupid-arrogant. Because when you walk outside into the real world, and you can't discern sunshine from gross darkness, your education is worthless.