Friday, October 6, 2023

Tearing the Ceiling of Unbelief Over Israel

OCT 3, 2023:  This is an Urgent Prayer Request for Chaya Mizrachi, wife of Avi Mizrachi of Dugit Ministries who also founded the Tel Aviv congregation Adonai Roi which their daughter and son-in-law now lead. Chaya who had a hip replacement last year was experiencing terrible pain and went in for back surgery last Thursday, but the surgeons had to back out finding a much worse situation existed.

     This is the Facebook post by their daughter, Devora: "Please pray and stand with us in intercession for complete healing and recovery from surgery for my dear Ima. My mother's surgery was more complex than anticipated. There were a few issues that happened one of which the disc that was operated on was adherent to the dura covering of the spinal canal, and could not be completely removed. Also, they could not close the dura. She is in the hospital for care and close observation. Please pray for absence of infection, proper healing of the operated areas, normal neurological function below the area operated on, lack of pain, and patience and grace for the entire family. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the medical staff. There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment, please pray for a Sukkot miracle. Much love from the Mizrachi family"

    It is time for a FULL SCALE PRAYER EFFORT on behalf of this beautiful, loving servant of Yeshua in Israel. She is a key woman in Israeli ministries, and a joyous, happy person. PLEASE PRAY WITH ME & SHARE THIS PRAYER REQUEST WITH YOUR GROUPS.

     Abba, we do lift up Chaya Mizrachi to you. Yeshua, we, her friends, tear off the roof of unbelief that covers the skies over Israel, to open her to YOU for YOUR healing touch from Heaven. My LORD GOD, the Almighty God, in the name of Yeshua we beseech You to extend complete healing to Chaya, raise her up, set her upright on her feet, make her a witness to the healing power of Yeshua in Israel, that she may continue to walk before You, rejoicing and serving You as she always has - a faithful servant. We speak to the ENEMY of our souls to CEASE from this move against our blessed sister, serving God with all her heart! No weapon formed against Chaya shall prosper. We see Chaya lifted up, made whole again, struck by this physical affliction only for the glory of Yeshua - to be healed and His healing power made famous in Israel. In the name of Jesus, we ask that this affliction be "light and momentary" - lifted off of our sister in a fantastic show of Your love, mercy, grace and healing for Your own!
     Yeshua, You said that the "gates of hell" could not prevail against us. We see the gates of hell forming a barrier of unbelief that has been blocking healing prayers from being answered in Israel by the believers there. Father, We, the friends of the Messianic Jewish believers are tearing the roof of unbelief off, so Your healing power can reach out sister. Just like the account in Luke 5:18-25 when for friends of a paralyzed man tore the roof off the house to lower their friend in. They did this because they could not get to Yeshua because of the crowds. The crowds are different here, Abba, they are crowds of unbelief forming a ceiling over Israel that is made a barrier of unbelief. We tear that ceiling of unbelief down, LORD, and pray for this mighty healing miracle to come to Chaya today! An open Heaven, Lord! Yes, You are mighty to save, deliver & heal in the power of Yeshua. 

OCT 4 Dark Cloud Cover over Tel Aviv
wanted to explain the prayer request I send out (above) about tearing off the "roof" or ceiling of unbelief over Israel so God's answers for healing could get through to those believers praying in need of healing. In these years of doing Israel prayer I have seen many of the ministry people in life-hazard illnesses become incapacitated or even pass into eternity. I know the Israeli ministries in my elists believe in the power of God to heal but why has the healing been so small? 

     I remembered the friends of the paralytic man literally tore the roof off of a house where Jesus was in order to let their friend down into His midst. There were great crowds around Yeshua and it was the only way to get their friend within the touch of the LORD. Faith motivated them to do that.
     This reminded me of something Asher Intrater taught years ago about Isaiah 60:2 "For behold, darkness covers the earth, and thick darkness is over the peoples." Where there is no faith or little faith, there is a darkness that covers the skies overhead.
     Like in the days that Daniel prayed and the archangel Michael finally came to tell him that God sent out the answer immediately - but the angels that were sent out had to fight through the warfare - that is the spiritual layer – a cloud cover of darkness that covers the earth below. (Daniel 10) The region below, where faith is almost nonexistent, and it is because darkness covers the people where faith does not live.
     In reality, this is the spiritual condition in Israel. Percentage-wise the believers in Israel are a small minority - that means a thick darkness-like cloud cover blocks out the Son, and His answers to prayers for the faithful below are intensely slowed down because of the warfare, as happened when Daniel prayed.  The spiritual warfare HINDERED, SLOWED DOWN God’s answer reaching Daniel. Does that mean the warfare can be so great that it can slow down the prayers being made for healing of spiritual leaders in Israel? You tell me. It seems possible to me. God sends out His answer to prayers, and the spiritual warfare is so intense over places of spiritual darkness covering, because few are “tearing the roof down” to get God’s answer through for the need.
      Isn’t this the spiritual warfare Jesus spoke of in Luke 18: 7-8 “Will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry out to Him day and night? Will He continue to defer their help? I tell you, He will promptly carry out justice on their behalf. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?” If there is spiritual warfare over bringing justice to those who dry for it, and spiritual warfare over Daniel seeking revelation of what God’s prophecy meant, why would we doubt that there is spiritual warfare over healing needs of those Messianic Jews in ministry in Israel?
     When faith increases in certain geographic regions, the thick darkness that covers overhead does not cover the people below solidly. It is our agreement in faith that becomes like those friends of the paralytic man whose friends literally tore the ceiling off to get their friend in a place to receive the healing touch of Yeshua. This is what we add to our brothers and sisters in ministry in Israel.
     Do you see what I am saying? Because of the unbelief of non-believers in Israel there is overhead a solid cloud cover of darkness over the people there. We have to punch through that with our prayers in agreement with the Israeli ministries.  Yesterday what came to me was that is because there is faith among the believers in Israel for healing, but the darkness is so thick, they need their friends - that is us in the nations - to tear the roof of unbelief off so their prayers are more free flowing. It is spiritual warfare, my friends. If we will fight the spiritual warfare of this thick darkness over Israel, not only will the answers of prayer for healing begin to flow faster to them, but so will the darkness over the unbelievers also begin to be lifted so that there are OPEN HEAVENS over the believers of Israel and all their prayers.