Thursday, November 16, 2023

An Example and A Challenge from Ireland: For Pastors


an example and A Challenge
from Ireland: For Pastors
by Donna Diorio

A Spirit of Antisemitism,
by Pastor Keith Malcomson
Limerick City Church

Keith Malcomson shares an important message that has received 3K views within 3 days. (A video is considered viral is if it garners over 5 million views within a 3-7 day period.) It is going viral because people are hungry for Christian pastors to speak up about antisemitism we see sweeping the world. His opening prayer over the sermon he is about to deliver alone has me in tears. Pastor Malcomson presents an example from his own city's history when he details how one sermon in Limerick City in 1904 unleashed the spirit of antisemitism in the mid-west Ireland’s Limerick City.

……I discovered Keith Malcomson in the last year through his message praising his wife Candace as A Mother in Zion. Candace died last year in August of cancer, cutting off a short but significant life. I was so touched by his message about Candace, and why she was a biblical “Deborah, a Mother in Zion.” It is more than being an intercessor, it is about the righteous judgment we are called to make, discerning the spirit of things.

     After the attack on Israel, Pastor Malcomson has emerged leading the way to speak to the Church regarding the spirit of anti-Semitism that is sweeping the nations. He a man of God anointed for this moment to provide both an example to other Christian pastors, as well as a challenge to all Christians to understand what the truth of anti-Semitism is and to speak up about it now. The lack of discernment within Christians circles on this issue hearkens back to one of the things Pastor Malcomson admired in his wife, the ability to make righteous judgments and advise the women of their church wisely with great discernment. In recent years we have had the “Judge not” message so hammered into us that many Christians have no idea that they are admonished to be able to judge matters, and if we can’t, it is a shame to us, not an accomplishment in the Spirit! 1 Cor 6:15

     It is important for us to share the instances of pastors and Christians in the nations standing up for Israel at this time, having righteous judgment in this matter between Israel and Hamas. We unfortunately will not see many news media reporting this, so we will have to be proactive in sharing the stories from our own nations to encourage the Jewish people, but also to encourage each other to be bold in the Spirit to do the right thing and not shrink back.

     One of the things that has always troubled me is something I also understand why Jews have come to this conclusion – that they can only trust other Jews when push comes to shove. This is a ‘wall of separation’ between Messianic Jews and Christians that we have to pull down in the body of Messiah. One valuable way to do that is to acknowledge and share the many Christians who are standing with the Jews right now, no matter what it costs. 

Monday, November 13, 2023

One Woman's Serious Cautionary Word for Women of God

 One Woman's Serious Cautionary Word for Women of God
... and the godly judging of sexual abuse accusations in the world we now live

Donna Diorio
Written Nov 6th on Facebook, posted here Nov 13, 2023

     Sometimes I think young people think they are the only ones who know anything about sexual abuse against women. They seem willing to condemn without evidence and based only on accusations.They have even invented a slogan for that: "Believe the Woman."  

Young people don't have to tell me how sexual abuse happens. I am a woman! I may be 72 now but I wasn't always. I had my fair share of sexual abuse incidents. But I am cautioning women and men who are called God's people that there must be evidence and/or a confession. Even multiple accusations are not enough to convict someone of sexual abuse in the world in which we live now.

That is because sexual accusations have become a political weapon to destroy the one targeted. All political weapons can easily be deployed in spiritual circles too. It has become an agenda driven weapon and there appears to be no court of law that is immune to being drawn into the agenda with the accuser if the target is agreed on "must be destroyed." If you don't recognize that from our current events over the last many years, you are unqualified to make a judgment on this even as a believer.

     One morning last week I awoke thinking of how well I know about sexual abuse incidents. These several happened to me between the age of 16 to 22 years old : 

-attempted date rape by 2 boys after being the 2nd girl to be taken home after a double date 

-attempted rape by an uncle when I was home sick alone one afternoon; 

-sexual abuse by our family doctor whose pelvic exams went beyond exam

-on the job sexual harassment on my first job at Dairy Queen when at closing the manager would turn the lights off and chase me around the work counter

-sexual pressure by my divorce lawyer - give him more money, or sex

     That gets me to 22 years old, but it was not the end: There was the new general manager on my favorite job ever who told me if I intended to stay on as editor, I would give him sexual pleasure. My editor's job was the decade of the 70's and there was no hyper-sensitive HR Dept to run to with complaints. There was only the beginning of people being awakened to the injustice of what has been going on against women for THOUSANDS of years. Being "sensitized" has gone far over board at this point.

    I am well aware that women are sexually targeted by men and have been since the Genesis 3:15. God's resolution of this is not the same as what the woke crowd have convinced everyone must happen when accusations of this sort are lodged against a man. 

     Women today have been handed a weapon that they feel entitled to use whether it is true of not because of the historic sexual abuse by men. The weapon of choice is false accusation of sexual abuse on the most minor of grounds. 

     If a man of any age looks at you with interest because you are the type he is attracted to: that is NOT sexual abuse! That is a normal human reaction. Also if you were flattered because you admired the person and flirted back, that is you giving mutual interest signals. 

     It reminds me how as Baby Boomer kids we ate dirt & our parents were not germophobes, freaking out that we were eating dirt. We didn't die, but we grew up with healthy immune systems. I think of the whole overblown sexual abuse situation that is established in our society in much the same way. That's because you know what I did in the date rape situation? I fought like hell and didn't let them rape me. Same thing I did with the pervert uncle. I quit my job at Dairy Queen, and quit my job at the magazine. 

    Just because you are young and someone tries to take advantage of you sexually doesn't mean you are some weak, feeble little girl who just gets abused and sent into emotional trauma until decades later when you decide to speak out accusations preferring to remain anonymous.

     Does sexual abuse try to define us? Yes, of course, but if we are walking with God, allowing His Holy Spirit to transform us, we have laid that abuse down - turned it over completely to God to judge.

     Not only that, but waiting decades to bring accusation should be a flashing yellow CAUTION light to all.

     Too many of the situations we have seen unfold in this country of sexual abuse accusations by a high profile man have been women with an agenda using accusation as a weapon. And that weapon of women has been used throughout history ...very often false accusations based on lies. 

     I do not trust anonymity of accusers. As believers, we of all people cannot have some woke kangaroo court decide such situations, but accusations should be judged by spiritual judges within faith circles.

     I do appeal to the Judge over all the earth to make HIS own swift verdict known and not allow this to linger over the body of Christ and over the prayer for Israel community demolishing every good thing that come through a leader giving himself to establish 24/7 prayer for Israel. 

     I pray that God will thunder from Heaven, letting His verdict be demonstrated, as 1 Samuel 2:10: "Those who oppose the LORD will be shattered. He will thunder from heaven against them. The LORD will judge the ends of the earth and will give power to His king. He will exalt the horn of His anointed."

Friday, November 3, 2023

The Battle is for the Truth


The Battle is for the Truth
by Donna Diorio

I just read a quote I picked out of one of Ron Cantor’s recent emails that said, “It's only normal that donations drop off. The initial shock of what happened on October 7th is dissipating. But the needs are only growing."

     Personally I don't see how it could be normal for donations to be dropping off when the horror has continued to grow. Not only has the horror grown in what Israel is discovering the extent of evil Hamas has inflicted on Jew, but in the nations there is the ripple effect of Israel-haters, Jew-haters coming out in force to intimidate fellow citizens and government officials away from standing with Israel.

     How can Christians in the nations let their interest waiver in what is happening in Israel, or their financial aid to help Israel come to a crawl so quickly?

     Prime Minister Netanyahu when he said, "Brief empathy over the Oct. 7 catastrophe is shifting to a global effort, propelled by Israel-haters and anti-Semites, to deprive us of the right to ensure it will not happen again."

     How easily we are to become wavering, "driven and tossed by the wind."  That has been the problem with so many Christians regarding Israel for decades but worse wavering on God’s love of Israel has deeply turned younger generations of Christians. Instead of supporting Israel so many of their parents have, they have been indoctrinated into the pro-Palestinian movement. This is a movement we have seen storming Grand Central Station and the U.S. House of Representatives. It is not only in the U.S. but in the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and Italy.

     Look at the pictures: these are mostly young people.  In places like the U.S. the young pro-Palestinians (Israel-haters) are college educated, in fact, college campuses are the number one place where young people are indoctrinated and inducted into these groups. They are part of the “social justice” crowd that has aligned with radical Islam's campus indoctrination teams. Being a Christian does not inoculate these young people from becoming enemies of the people God called "the pupil of His eye." Sadly they have no idea how far the devil has led them to the side of rebellion against God!

     Pray for our young people to have a revelation of God's love for Israel, enough that Zechaiah 2:7-9 has God crying out, “Get up, O Zion! Escape, you who dwell with the Daughter of Babylon!” For this is what the LORD of Hosts says: “After His Glory has sent Me against the nations that have plundered you— for whoever touches you touches the apple/pupil of His eye— I will surely wave My hand over them, so that they will become plunder for their own servants. Then you will know that the LORD of Hosts has sent Me.”

     We are very much in the valley of decision in all the nations. Our younger generations, in embracing their peer self-righteousness and social justice definitions, have exalted their sense of justice above the Word of God. Many of us old "Baby Boomers" did the same thing in our youth. I say that as a reminder that despite being gravely wrong, we were rescued from our youthful arrogance and put on the narrow path that knows God's Word is the last word. Therefore we can pray with hope and with faith that God can do a mighty work of recovering these who have become allies with the enemies of God. We can pray in faith they be given spiritual understanding from Heaven that sets them again, or for the first time, on the narrow path He calls us to walk with Him.

     I believe the spiritual warfare on the ground in Israel is a visible manifestation of the invisible war going on in all the nations. The Prime Minister of Israel also recently declared something I believe was prophetic coming out of the mouth of Israel's highest political leader. He said, "This is our 2nd Independence War, humanity’s war against evil." According to a teaching by Asher Intrater last week, Netanyahu also added to that statement, (at the 15:23 mark) “When this war is over, we as a nation will be born again.”

    Indeed the war for Israel's survival is the visible manifestation of the spiritual war against evil. The information war is front and center for both the physical war and the spiritual war.  We are in a spiritual battle for the truth of God to be heard by people…all those people in the valley of decision.