Friday, February 26, 2021

Israel & the Church Breakthrough! & Acts 2021

To the right of Cody Archer's shoulder is Mt Hermon in the Golan Heights which in recent days has gotten snow, and to the left, with the Jordan River in between, is the upper Galilee. Cody is pointing out the Jordan River is "overflowing it's banks" as it flows down into the Galilee.  We know that familiar phrase from Joshua 3, where like Moses had led Israel out of Egypt by crossing the Red Sea, now Joshua was leading Israel into the Promise Land by crossing the Jordan River. In Joshua 3: 15 we read of the crossing and that "the Jordan overflows its banks all during the harvest." WATCH

Israel & the Church Breakthrough! & Acts 2021

by Donna Diorio

I saw something profound that I must share with you. It came from the Upper Room in Dallas and I'm going to share the link you so can see it for yourself. For me it was like watching what I have longed to see for years beginning to break forth right before my eyes. My friend Liz Rhodes of Echad told me I needed to watch it and I'm so glad I did. Liz told me to advance to a certain time point in the video but the worship was so good, that I lingered there and that is where the first inklings began to hit me that this church understood about Israel. It may not be an in-depth understanding, but clearly God has given them a profound revelation of how the church must cry out for the salvation of Israel!

     After watching I told Liz we were like two Rhoda's - minding the door while fervent prayer was going on inside the house for Peter to be freed from prison - then when Peter was there knocking at the door, Rhoda was so blown away with what she was seeing before her eyes that she didn't even let Peter into the house. She closed the door and ran to tell the others Peter was at the door! We can hardly believe what we see on this video.

      It all began as New Jersey Messianic rabbi, Jason Sobel took the leaders, Michael and Lorisa Miller to Israel over a year ago. God really did something profound with them opening their eyes.  In this meeting which took place Sunday morning 3/21 are Jason Sobel, Lou Engle and his wife and a young woman, Nava Neibor. In the midst of al they are relating about the vision that God has given them to cry out in intercession for the salvation of Israel, Lou Engle says the most profound thing and I have never heard him understand that call in such a profound way. Engle steps up and says that there is breakthrough happening. He says that he just got a life shift! That his thing has always been Revival for America, but it became Salvation for Israel first.

     Engle begins to tell about Nava relating a dream to him about them being in an "upper room" and a wind blowing. He asks, Can you feel the wind? Then he blows me away saying, "This is that!"  (This is meaningful to me because it is what the Spirit spoke to me was how we know with certainity what prophecy is from God's lips, because as it unfolds we know, "this is that" prophecy.)

     Lou Engle said that Nava had a word for him in the dream, it was: You cannot pray for revival in America until you first pray for salvation of the Jews!!!

     Lou says, I feel we are in the Upper Room right now! In the dream, Nava as the Jewish representative could not awaken from her dream until the Church began to pray for the salvation of Israel - to pray for the salvation of the Jews.

     Then he switches gears for a moment. He tells them how Israelis were praying for President Trump in the election because he was a friend to Israel. Because of all the controversies, he adds the disclaimer that he is not making a comment on Trump's character, but Trump was a friend to Israel. Also he brings up the fact that at one point before the election there was a worldwide call of witches to cast curses on Trump. (I remember it, do you?) As Lou Engle says, you have to ask yourself why it was so important to witches worldwide to have an orchestrated cursing of President Trump?  (No Trump wasn't perfect, but neither are any of those who have denigrated him and those of us who support him.)

     It seems to me that as he is speaking Lou Engle gets a new verse springing to his mind, which is Isaiah 6:1, which is a verse I also got in the past couple of weeks so this puts my attention on alert to what he says next. He says when King Uzziah died then Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up. When King Uzziah died - "when governmental help disappeared" - then Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up.

     There is no condemnation of the king/president in that statement.  King Uzziah did great things for Israel prevailing against their enemies and establishing a peace and prosperity, as did Trump. But when our good leader is lost - through dying after a 52-year reign, or through a stolen election after a mightily effective 4-year term, and we are grieving and experiencing the loss, then the vision of the LORD arises and His train fills the temple.

     I have always loved Isaiah 6:1, but I was never so curious about the train as I was hearing that in my spirit a couple of weeks ago. I looked it up and saw that it was not like I had always assumed, like the train of bridal dress, but more specifically it was like the flowing robes of the High Priest's robe.  Yeshua is our High Priest and His robe is filling the temple (we are His temple, individually and collectively). Our High Priest's train is filling the temple - the temple that is made up of Jew and Gentile.

     This week I intended to write about our other call as the church toward Israel. I was going to call it
Acts 2021. To financially support the Israeli ministries especially during this time of "famine" - the economic shutdown that has come over the whole world.  The apostle Paul wrote about it extensively, all though it is like bread crumbs that we must pick up out of the Acts and his letters.  But when he first got the revelation in Acts 11, he was prompted to carry a donation to the believers in Jerusalem because the prophet Agabus told of a famine coming over the whole earth. It was coming over them all, but Paul recognized that it was hit the believers in Israel especially hard. It is the same for us today - it is tough all over, but it is especially hard on the believers in Israel. They need our help.

     Paul took the offering to Jerusalem but while he was there the whole of Israel was in an uproar. Peter and James had been arrested by King Herod, and James is beheaded. The whole body of believers is praying fervently for Peter, and Peter is miraculously sprung from prison by an angel. He goes to the house where the believers are praying for him, and Rhoda opens the door, hardly able to believe her eyes.  Soon after King Herod dies of suddenly after comparing himself to God.  Paul and Barnabas finish their mission to deliver help to the leaders of the body in Jerusalem, returning to Antioch.

     From that point on, in all the cities that Paul established churches in, he told them to set aside donations that he would carry back to help the believers in Israel. He was not carrying it back for the Jewish Fund, for the Israeli government, to plant trees or build a yeshiva. He set himself to establish a collection that would be brought to the Messianic leaders to distribute to the needs of the believers in Israel and to keep the Gospel message going forward. It was not strictly humanitarian, but it was also humanitarian. It was for the building of the kingdom in Israel, for the salvation of Israel.

     I received this understanding from the scriptures around 1992 or so, and have watched for it to begin to break forth ever since. Little by little I have see the understanding grow, and I believe that what I saw in the Upper Room video is a brand new breakthrough of these things which go hand in hand: crying out in intercession for the salvation of all Israel and the recognition that the believers in Israel are the ones God has sent to proclaim salvation...and they also need our financial help to do it. Paul modeled in
Acts 20-21, laying down his freedom to do so, what the church in the last days would rise up to continue. 


In relating to Isaiah 6:8-9 to hearing Isaiah 6:1 in relation to the call to pray for the salvation of Israel, Lou Engle said: "
There’s a sending. Those that didn’t have eyes to see start seeing this year.  There’s a sending of laborers to Israel.”

 The "sending" of laborers into Israel this year that Lou Engle spoke of in this video, is not exactly the right sending interpretation - not for this time. First because there has not been a single tourist allowed into the country for over a year, and the projections of when it might be allowed again has been projected to almost 2024. That may be God's staying hand to hold back this common misinterpretation. Because You don't have to go to Israel to be effective for Israel evangelism! This is very important. If you go without understanding, you can bring GREAT harm to the 15,000+ believers who live in Israel if you go without understanding.

There are already 15,000+ Israeli Messianic Jewish believers in Israel. They have congregations all over the Land. They speak Hebrew, they have more credibility sharing their faith with fellow Israelis than any Christian tourist could.  That is not a saying Christians shouldn't witness to Jews, they should, but it is a recognition that the laborers in the harvest of Israel who are going to be the most effective - and already are being effective - is the Israeli Messianic Jewish believers already there. 

It's their mandate to preach the Gospel in all the land of Israel. The anointing for evangelizing, discipiling, pastoring, and teaching is upon them. They have all the 5 administrative gifts already among them. What they don't have is financial support.

The "sending" Lou Engle referenced is the sending of finances to equip the Israeli citizen ministers who are already there. To send laborers into their Harvest field require finances, so the ministers can feed their families, so they can go and do the work of the ministry. It is not like raising funds for ministry in the USA - it's completely different. We need to send the funds to help them...not send our laborers. We need to fund their laborers & ministries.