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2024 Jul 12 ARROWS: One New Man


He became the blood sacrifice that paid for the transgressions of all mankind in order to bring both Jew & Gentile into salvation by faith: Eph 2:15: “He did this to create in Himself one new man out of two” 

Isaiah 40 “Comfort, Yes, Comfort My People” from Zeev Nevo, Israel Media Ministries:
“Sitting at the exact same place I was sitting exactly 9 months ago, on October 7th, and started to hear the shockingly horrible news… when suddenly God birthed this song in my heart.” Sung in Hebrew (with English subtitles)Donna: Please share with your friends. Also on Facebook
If this is not a Word for now, when is it for?

One New Man
by Reuven Doron

Shalom from embattled Israel. We thank God for you who stand in prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. The gifts of faith, hope and love that are poured upon the altar built without hands are holy unto the Lord and much appreciated. Those of you who have been tracking with us during recent months understand by now that (1) most things are not as they seem on the screens, and that (2) God’s plan and purpose are unfolding before our eyes in increasing speed and intensity. Many are being awakened from the slumber of spiritual malaise, and the House of God fills with hungry, thirsty souls who long for His nearness.

     The people and the land of Israel continue to endure this season of hardship, danger, and pain. Consequently, our continual prayer remains that this “wrestling match” will be as that of Jacob who wrestled with the Angel of the Lord (Jesus). May this generation likewise be humbled and transformed by the Lord who alone can make Jacob into Israel. In Hebrew, the term ISRAEL is actually an entire sentence meaning someone who “… struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.” (Genesis 32:28).

     A Mystery Unfolds | The apostle Paul taught the Ephesian disciples about their position and responsibilities in the emerging Body of Messiah when he introduced a brand-new definition of human relationships. He wrote: “For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation, having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, the law of commandments contained in ordinances, so as to create in Himself One New Man from the two, thus making peace, and that He might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross, thereby putting to death the enmity. And He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near. For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father…” (Ephesians 2).

     This “One New Man” community that Paul addressed points toward a perfected family of saints who will be revealed at the end of this age. Though we see this promise of oneness clearly expressed in the words of the Lord and in the apostles’ teachings, we remember that God accomplishes His purposes over long periods of time. Jesus’ final words on the Cross were “It is finished.” Yet, we understand that our Heavenly Father designed the consummation of His finished and eternal work to span the entire Church age. According to the Hebrew prophets, this work of God will climax with intense prophetic fulfilment at the end of time.

     Paul, appealing to the Ephesian disciples and describing their glorious position in Messiah, placed a special emphasis on the newly mentioned term “One New Man.” The apostle first reminded the Gentile disciples of their pagan origin, stressing that “… you were at that time separate from Messiah, excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world…” (Eph 2:12).

     Though these disciples did come from a hopeless, godless background, the apostle comforts them with the great truth that “Now in Messiah Jesus you who formerly were far off have been brought near by the blood of Messiah.” (Eph 2:13). Paul continues to reveal to them (and to all who believe) that God, through the work of Messiah, abolished the enmity between Jew and Gentile, broke down the dividing wall, and made them into one body. It is at this turning point, at the birth of this new human identity, that the apostle introduces the new terminology in God's plan for mankind which is the “One New Man.” ( Eph 2:15).

     Only by the holy blood of Messiah can these two irreconcilable people groups, locked in animosity and conflict for thousands of years, now be formed into a one new body. So profound is the oneness of this new family of the redeemed that the scripture testifies that now, “through Him, we both [Jew and Gentile] have our access in one Spirit to the Father.” (Eph 2:18). In these inspired words the apostle establishes that (1) This unity is primarily spiritual in nature, and that (2) It serves as our access point, our key, to the very presence of our Heavenly Father.

     We understand that this miracle was brought about to fulfill a special and specific desire in the Father's heart. Our God longs not only to save souls from eternal damnation, but He does so in order to surround Himself with people of faith, vision, and passion who will live and worship in His presence forever! This newly acquired access to the Father by One Spirit is reserved for the One New Man company, as it serves the eternal purpose of God's household; His family; and His eternal dwelling place.

     As the scripture continues to convey this revelation, Paul's choice of words enters into a “construction mode.” This “Master-Builder” apostle now relates to this newly created humanity as “building material” drawn from both Jewish and Gentile lineage as they continue to grow together into the likeness of Messiah Himself. Addressing these same disciples, Paul encourages them that now that the “construction materials” are being prepared, “the whole building, being fitted together is growing into a holy temple in the Lord.” (Ephesians 2:21).

     The apostle goes on to confirm that the purpose of this One New Man community of faith is so that “in [Jesus] you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.” (Eph 2:22). The Lord desires not only to come to His people in temporary visitations, but to ultimately dwell with us as EMANUEL (God with us) at the close of this age in a permanent habitation! He is preparing a permanent dwelling place for Himself among the sons and daughters of men, and He does so through the new humanity that is created in His image.

     This drawing together of both Jew and Gentile into the One New Man community is the harbinger of the age to come. It speaks of the consummation of the purposes of God who promised Father Abraham both physical and spiritual seed. He showed him by visions his future children coming forth as both grains of sand and celestial stars (Gen 13:16, 15:5), all descendants of Abraham, the Father of our Faith. And so, as the spiritual and physical seeds of God's elect become one in Messiah, so shall the spiritual and physical realms unite in an unhindered flow of divine life.

     How great and awesome is the God we serve who saves the best for the last. This House of the Lord; this dwelling of God in the Spirit will have as its building material the people of the One New Man, drawn from every tribe, language, and nation under heaven. This creation embodies God’s very nature and life through the mediation of Messiah; a life which is indestructible and incorruptible, unable to fail.

     Giving us probably the most foundational statement concerning the Jewish people and the Gospel, Paul wrote, “Concerning the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but concerning the election they are beloved for the sake of the fathers. For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. For as you were once disobedient to God, yet have now obtained mercy through their disobedience, even so these also have now been disobedient, that through the mercy shown you they also may obtain mercy. For God has committed them all to disobedience, that He might have mercy on all.” (Romans 11).

     As God’s purpose required both Jew and Gentile to join together in an unholy alliance to crucify the Lord, so it requires both Jew and Gentile to join together as the One New Man to see the full expression of His Resurrection Life on earth. For surely, “how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity... For there the Lord commanded the blessing, life forever.” (Ps 133:1,3). The word translated “unity” is YA’CHAD in the Hebrew text. YA’CHAD is a derivative of the Hebrew word E’CHAD, meaning ONE in Hebrew, speaking of a people who became ONE in spirit and in purpose before God. May we see this marvel in our days.
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Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries

In Jeremiah 32, on God’s instruction the prophet buys a parcel of land when Israel was in an active war zone. It was to be a symbol to the people that the Jews had a future in Israel regardless of the current circumstances. That is something I have been seeing in these past weeks with reports of the Israeli Messianic ministries who are securing new ministry properties and I believe they are acting on the LORD’s instruction to as a symbol to the entire Messianic body in Israel, to the whole international body of the LORD, and to all the people of Israel. Even as their greatest anti-Messianic opposition in Israel continue to gain power, and even though the nations around them and throughout the world rage, they are proclaiming their faith in God that the Messianic Body of Messiah has a big future in Israel. All these expanded, bettered facilities in the midst of war time is a huge step of faith into the promises of God for Israel’s salvations. 

Leading this week with the announcement that Tikkun Gobal  has already raised (as of June 26 announcement) $785,929.18 in commitments to the $1.6M goal they have set toward the purchase of a ministry center that overlooks the Mount of Olives. They see the place as for Jews, Arabs and internationals to gather together as a family to pray, worship, study and fellowship. This new ministry center home is also a gift to the believers in Yeshua here in the Land—a multi-purpose space that facilitates many needed gatherings and functions! As we labor together before the Lord to complete the funding for this new home, we again invite you to come together with covenant friends to establish a permanent Jerusalem home for Tikkun Global. GIVE to establish Tikkun’s home in the heart of the Eternal City.
     Also from Tikkun Global Who Are You, Prince of Persia by Leon Mazin | Prophecy and God's Timing by Ariel Blumenthal - The reactions from the nations against Israel are completely irrational…. What, or who, are they afraid of? Jewish “settlers?” Israeli “colonialism”? NO, the lies concerning Israel are demonically inspired, and there is one thing that Satan is afraid of—Yeshua, the King of the Jews, coming to re-settle, re-occupy, and re-colonize the earth. writes: After nearly 12 years of sending email updates of Kehila News Israel, we have decided to pause and focus on other aspects of the vision, which include launching a Hebrew version, and expanding the English directory of congregations and ministries. For Messianic/Christian related news in Israel, we encourage you to go to ALL ISRAEL NEWS ( which was co-founded by Joseph Magen and Joel Rosenberg. You may sign up for daily e-newsletters from AIN to get credible news from Israel along with coverage of newsworthy events in the Messianic Jewish community

Joel Jelski of Fields of Wheat writes this latest update from the road where he and Rubi Bishai are currently ministering in the US. Joel writes about the fires in northern Israel caused by rocket barrages from Hezballah – some fires raging very near the Jelski home and the Fields of Wheat ministry house. Joel writes, “Israel has, for the most part, “taken the blows” in the north for the sake of focusing on Gaza and not starting a second front in this war. But even if a deal is reached in Gaza, and even if Hezbollah is true to their word and stops firing - can Israel afford to ignore the danger Hezbollah poses to our nation? Even if we don’t deal with them today, we will have to deal with them later - whether that be a year or two, or four years down the line. Hezbollah has one mission - killing Jews and the elimination of the state of Israel. At some point, they will try to accomplish that mission…. Can Israel afford a reality where a terror group lays waste to our northern regions and causes them to become desolate once again? Isn’t this, in essence, a direct attack on God’s promises to plant his people in their land - and for them never to be uprooted again? ….this is a time to “watch and pray” for God’s will to be established.”
     While the storm of war swirls around us, Israel’s youth remain our focus. Upcoming Katzir youth camp - “Living Water” | We are well into preparations for our summer camp (August 18-22). “Living Water” is God's response to a time when many of us in the land are in need of a renewal of life and hope in our hearts and souls. The last nine months in Israel, since October 7th, have been emotionally and spiritually draining for so many….. PLEASE ask the Lord if He wants to use you in resourcing this life-impacting experience for the youth of Israel. They are the key to Yeshua's end-time harvest! Katzir Youth Camp Support!

Kobi & Shani Ferguson, Maoz Israel Ministries, write: “      You may have heard the term ‘Righteous Gentiles.’  It’s a name bestowed upon those who during WWII stood up for the righteous act of protecting Jews from slaughter. Righteous Gentiles put their own lives and livelihood at risk—and sometimes lost everything while saving Jewish lives. There are children and grandchildren who exist today because someone who didn’t have to—chose to protect the apple of God’s eye when destiny called. Today, you know that Israelis are fighting for their very existence within her borders. But even now the plight of Jews to exist anywhere is being fought worldwide. Thankfully, once again Gentiles and—especially Evangelicals—are choosing to stand up for Israel in a hostile world environment…. Many of you have contacted us to tell of the opportunities you’ve had to stand for Israel in your circles of influence! We are so proud of you!  Others among you have asked us to share ways to stand. Destiny is once again knocking. There is a task for everyone in every age and life status.  Read or Listen to the Article at this link.

Leon Mazin who leads the Return to Zion Center in Haifa writes from the heart of the matter: “Israel remains embroiled in war, affecting everyone and everything. Nerves are frayed. There are those who are unyielding, and others who are more pliable. We are unsure of our own capabilities and what we can endure. Sometimes, the outwardly strong need help, while those who appear delicate are remarkably resilient. I must admit that the pervasive atmosphere of war greatly influences me, leaving me feeling stressed. Although 90% of Israelis live in areas untouched by gunfire or threats, the awareness that war is ongoing fills the air and strikes our nerves.  I believe this situation in our land reflects the most profound spiritual confrontation. As a result, you may wake up feeling immediately fatigued. It's not just me – many people share this same experience of morning weariness. Yet, we continue to navigate this reality, seeking God's guidance and understanding that, no matter the difficulty, God has created us for this day and has plans for us. I ask you to pray for us, for me, and for our people to be filled with God's peace that surpasses all understanding.
     …. Summer brings the start of numerous projects, including the preparation of children's summer camps. It is a monumental task for the event planners to help the children experience God's Grace during this time of war. We are planning to run three camps for our children, some independently and others in partnership with our friends.
     Since 2015, Return to Zion has been running the Eagle Project for messianic soldiers-After the end of their service in the Israel Defense Forces. When young men and women finish their service in the IDF, we take them to Norway to restore and strengthen their faith. This year, the project will take place in Texas – with a large group of 30 soldiers, many of whom are dealing with post-trauma. Our aim is to provide them with rest, as well as physical, mental, and spiritual restoration. Your prayers are greatly needed! 

Israel Pochtar asks the pertinent question: How do We Stand as Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem? He cites Habakkuk 2:1 "I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what He will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint."…. The phrase "...I will look to see what he will say to me..." in Hebrew is "lir’ot ma yidaber bi" (…see what He will say inside of me). It’s a reminder that God speaks to us through our spirit, giving us answers in our hearts.
     He wrote on A New Battle Plan: A long-seeded division with seemingly no end has been the conflict going on between the Arabs and Jews. It began with two brothers, Ishmael and Isaac—one the son of a slave woman, Hagar and the other a Hebrew, Sarah. Through these two women, two nations were born, and a never-ending war began. However, through a supernatural love that can only come from God, a new battle plan had been drawn.
     Bringing Unity | When a Christian Pastor from Jordan began questioning why Israel was under such heavy attack, he decided that it was time Arab and Jewish Pastors united to bring these questions to God. He organized a conference in Cyprus where the two factions would study the Bible and prophecies, seeking what the Lord had to say in His Word. It was an incredibly powerful time with the Holy Spirit in the Word of God. One of the Arab brothers in Christ told how he was a very zealous and devoted leader of Islam. He hated Christians when he was young and almost killed a Christian boy once in his anger. But then he met Yeshua and his life was turned upside down. His once deeply rooted hate has turned into a deeper love for his Jewish brothers. Pastor Rafif, summed up this conflict in this way; “If I was Satan, what I would do if I wanted to prevent or to delay His return, I would attack Israel and I would attack the Jewish people. I would raise up antisemitism around the world.” That is exactly what Satan is doing!  …. Now is the time for all of God’s people to unite in our love for our brothers and sisters in Israel, both Arab and Jewish. We should be standing with Israel, not coming against them. Silence and tolerance are not an option, nor is remaining neutral. Now is the time to become unified.  Partner with Voice of Judah Israel to support and stand with the Israeli people. God is raising a standard for all His children. Will you answer the call?
     ALSO: Celebrating 19 Years of Beit Hallel Congregation! | Ashkelon Women's Conference | Challenges of the Israeli Summer …. Israeli summers are no joke, and without a properly operating AC system in place, it’s impossible to continue operating from that building until it is repaired Once repaired we can resume our projects, meetings and services that many are missing. HELP US here.

Pastor Najeeb & his wife Elizabeth sent a great ministry letter on 6/11 that I am finally getting to report on here – but first, if you have not watch Najeeb’s testimony that has gathered so much good attention in Israel – YOU MUST ShelanuTV Testimony of Pastor Najeeb. (Email Najeeb & Elizabeth)
     They write about Najeeb and Avi Mizrachi of Dugit (Najeeb is the newest Dugit ministry team member) recently baptizing an Arabic speaking colonel in the IDF. Pastor Najeeb has been discipling the high ranking IDF officer who is sharing his faith with great excitement. Also Najeeb & Elizabeth are serving in the Latrun Monastery where Elizabeth has been serving in the kitchen in Latrun, preparing meals for the community of brothers as well the guests. When they recently went to buy grocery supplies, they were able to strike up a conversation with a young woman “from a religious orthodox Jewish home. She left her family and the Orthodox community when she was eighteen and came to the decision that she did not believe in God anymore.” She was so intrigued with the Christian Arabs that she asked to visit them at Latrun….”she visited us at a time when there were other Messianic believers. We all sat, talked, and ate lunch together. She was touched to see the love between our group as Messianic Jewish and Arab believers. We have stayed in touch with her and continue to share God’s love with her.” Pray for her salvation. | Church growth | We are encouraged to see God growing our small church family. | Finally, we ask for prayer for the refugees in Jordan and the poor families in Armenia and Lebanon to whom we are connected.

Dov Bikas who heads the Tel Aviv humanitarian aid to the addicts from all over Israel who come to Tel Aviv, has a New Vision for an Arab Rehab Facility. There are “large number of addicts among Israeli Arabs and the fact that there are no Christian rehab centers for them in Israel – I mean centers specifically for Arabs, with their food, with Bible studies in Arabic, and with ministers who speak the language, understand Arab culture and therefore are able to work with these addicts more effectively.  At some point I called a friend, Jamil, who is an Arab pastor from Ramleh (a city with a mixed population of Jews and Arabs) and shared my thoughts with him. Jamil got very excited and confirmed that the need was great and that he was ready to actively participate in this project…..  Both Jamil and I have agreed that this project has got a very good potential, as it can establish connections with many Arab families and become a powerful testimony to them. It can also be a good example of practical cooperation between Jews and Arabs. Please pray for us as we continue working on the implementation of this idea. We want to follow God’s lead and need His wisdom at every step!
      Dov also catches us up on the good work going on in the Aviv Center as they are continuing to make a difference in the lives of addicts who are ready to make the move to get out of their addictions. Please pray for the volunteers and staff who come to minister to those everyone else has given up on. | Also there is a grateful letter to the donors who have made such a difference in a single mother’s life through the Ashkelon Food Distribution project.  
     PLUS: We would also like to share with you that “Stichting Aviv” (our fundraising organization in Holland) decided to publish a small book about our life and ministry, and it is now available both in a physical and digital version [ Donna: I have downloaded this 56-page booklet that tells the life story of Dov and Olga Bikas and what brought them to serve the LORD in ministering to addicts. Email me and I will send a PDF of it you.]  

Read Identifying with the Biblical Deborah & my other writings on Fruit of the Fig Tree blog


The Hasdey Yeshua congregation writes about the battles for our children (the couple in their congregation who child was diagnosed en utero with a hole in her heart was born – healed!) and for the souls of the people of Israel: “The people of Israel in these days are tense, fearful, discouraged and weary of what seems to be endless war. In addition, there’s the prospect of even more serious war with Hezbollah in the near future….The father mentioned above is a teacher in the congregation who encouraged us not to be fearful but know that God is fully in control and has a purpose for everything He does. With that knowledge and the resulting peace of God in our hearts, we should boldly share our faith with neighbors and friends. Please pray for boldness for us, and that the current crisis will produce much fruit for the Kingdom.
     Reading the plight of just 4 of the women that Sara in her ministry to Bedouin women has been doing should put every spoiled Western Feminist to shame. The circumstances of these women is devastating – they have nothing and are considered less than nothing! God bless Sara Barnaba for her ministry to them. 

At Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv, they bid blessing an farewell to David & Victoria Trubeck who are “realizing a long-term dream to do ministry in Japan, and, as hard as it is to see them go, we have faith for God’s perfect plan in their lives to use them as a blessing and witness wherever they go! Changes are often painful, but God uses them to bring about new beginnings and increased growth…. God has provided amazing new team members who are bringing with them gifts and talents which are already blessing us as a ministry and congregation. At the same time, we are seeing new members who joined Tiferet Yeshua in the past couple of years rise up to serve with young adults, worship, and women’s ministry, bringing with them new ideas and initiatives that we are excited about!
     Pastor Gil Afrait writes, Israel: On the Verge of a Wider War, Victory and Revival? | PLUS “God continues to bless our congregation as we remain faithful to His word and calling, reaching out with the Good News to our city and growing and nurturing a healthy body of believers in Messiah Yeshua.  When you support Tiferet Yeshua, you are partnering in the fulfillment of God's promises to Israel - to restore her both physically and spiritually!”    

From Out of Zion in Mt Carmel, David and Josie Silver send David’s 7/2/2024 Midweek update|  Plus the Out of Zion Prayer for Israel Zoom meeting every Tuesday 9 pm Israel time - 7 pm UK - 2 pm EST - 6 am NZ | Go here (Passcode: 146188)
     ALSO David’s commentary this week:  “Because of the blatant lies and greatly exaggerated statistics of Hamas and the media in Gaza, which are picked up by the international media and reported as fact before the facts are investigated, most of the people in the world think Israeli soldiers and pilots are worse than the terrorists and are committing genocide in Gaza. One example is the Hamas claim that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza killing more than 500 people inside. Truth was that about 50 people were killed and it was a Islamic Jihad missile that misfired and hit the hospital car park…. This is why so many normally decent people around the world have aligned themselves with the Muslim protesters who are supporting and praising one of the most barbaric terror organisations in the world. Hamas, (and Hezbollah & the others), was created to bring about the destruction of Israel, and only Muslim occupation on the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Videos of the horrendous acts of murder, decapitation, barbaric rape and burning of many of their victims, including infants and children, recorded by the terrorists have been made public and testify to the demonic cruelty of Hamas and the other terror groups in Gaza. Where are the loud public protests or criminal charges for these savage crimes against humanity?
     On the other hand, the men and women of the Israeli military are not blood thirsty monsters who joined the army to kill people, but to defend the nation.

      David had more to say but here is the sum of the matter: "As so many people have the wrong perspective of 99% of Israeli soldiers, I am sure that many curses are being spoken out over them, even calling for their death. Please pray and break all curses spoken over our soldiers and pilots, and pronounce blessings of protection and successful missions over them."

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Identifying with the Biblical Deborah


Identifying with the Biblical Deborah
by Donna Diorio

Do you know of Deborah in the Bible? There are a great many prophetic & intercessory groups of women who see Deborah in themselves - including me but I want to issue a warning about that. the warning is to pay attention to the biblical Deborah as far as her vision of herself, because too many Christian women have mixed Feminist ideology with the prophetic figure Deborah.
For one thing, Deborah was not a behind-the-scenes-spiritual-prayer manipulator like Jezebel or Herodias. Many women who have taken up Deborah as their role model have zeroed in on the part about Deborah being willing to act when the leader of Israel Barak would not. Because of the feminist movement in our time, many women see themselves in this same role, having to take the lead because the men in their lives will not.
Abigail is another biblical figure that women married to ungodly, or cowardly men, or just men who fail to be men as God has ordained them to be, identify with. But the point in both Deborah and Abigail is not how they has to take the lead to do what was right in God's eyes, but how they did it without tipping over into even a hint of rebellion to the role of authority God has established for women, women in family life like Abigail, or a women in a seat of authority like the prophetess/judge Deborah.
The role of Deborah is clear to her, you can hear it in her response to Barak when she delivered God's command of what to do to protect Israel from Jabin's army. When he said he would only do it if she went with him, Deborah answered she would certainly go, but Barak would not have the honor of delivering the army commander into his hands, that honor would go to a woman. When men do not step up to the place of authority God has given them, it is a dishonor to the man. Deborah recognized that. She didn't take pride in being a stronger woman and she didn't let Barak off the hook by letting him think it was okay with God.
In Judges 5:2, Deborah sings the integrity she acted in: “When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves—praise the Lord!"
It's not about women being capable of leading. Of course we are.
It is about men leading as they should - it is the charge of God for men and women dating back to Genesis 1-3. God made men to lead, not only their families, but also the battles of the LORD.
When Peter addressed husbands in 1 Pe 3:7 about their wives being "the weaker vessel" he was referring to the fact that God has made men physically stronger and by nature, designed to lead. It is no shame to women to have been made more nurturing than men; men were made to function in a different way that demands another set of emotional parameters. The physical strength of men over women is seen in the how the farce of trans "women" competing in women's sports are mopping the floor with the best of female sports competitors. When a lie plays out to the finish, that is how it becomes obvious to all that it is lie. Men and women have been created to be different from each other and to fulfill different mandates before God.
Women in prayer are not the generals of the prayer army. They are not praying to 'shape' up the men into action to be more like them. They should be hearing from God how to pray, and when in doubt, praying God's Word over them is best. Any group of women (and sometimes men too) meeting to intercede to get their husbands or others including spiritual leaders to do as the pray-ers think is best, are acting more in a spiritual witchcraft vein, than in praying for God to lift those men (or women) up to a higher place in Him. We aren't the Holy Spirit.
And this is really my point: there is praying FOR people and preying UPON people. When we don't pray in love for someone, but rather we view that person as out of line and in need of changes that we pray over them, we better check ourselves because if it is coming our of our own selves and not from God, it will harm people, not help them. It is a fine line between intercessory praying out of love for people, and praying manipulative prayers guided by human emotions rather than the direction of God. If you see the person you are praying about and a feeling of revulsion or anger arises in your heart or sometimes on your face, that's a good sign your prayers are dispatching demons against them, not ministering angels.
The feminist vision for women is ungodly. It destroys men, children and ultimately the women it is supposed to be helping. Deborah in Judges was not a feminist; she was a godly woman hearing from God and operating in the prophetic out of love for her people, not out of desire to be seen as a great leader. Watch your ambitions.

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2024 Jul 4 Israeli Remnant of Faith Call on God on Behalf of ALL Their People

Rock Monument set up in Jabbok, Jordan
in recent years as a testimony that
“Yeshua Shlomeinu/Jesus is our peace”

Israeli Remnant of Faith
Call on God
on Behalf of ALL Their People
by Donna Diorio

A few weeks ago Howard Bass of Nachalat Yeshua (Yeshua’s Inheritance) congregation, reposted this picture from a past spiritual gathering in Jordan. He had been one of the Israeli Remnant of faith who went to Jordan to meet with fellow Christian Arab ministry leaders from Middle Eastern countries who also shared a heart of unity and for the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 19:23-25:

     "In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt, and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will join a three-party alliance with Egypt and Assyria—a blessing upon the earth. The LORD of Hosts will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt My people, Assyria My handiwork, and Israel My inheritance.”

There are different ideas of when this prophecy will be fulfilled, but the main point is that God intends to fulfill it, so what is stopping us from acting in faith to step toward the fulfillment now as it is possible and in our ability to do so? That is what I have been seeing the Israeli believers doing for many years now even though the practical reality of it is that it is easier said than done. Only those devoted to walking in a peace that Yeshua has made for us can overcome deeply embedded conflicts and ancient breaches. This is true between Jew and Arab, as well as between Messianic Jews and the Church. But God will make a way for a people who are willing to walk it out with conscience toward God.  

     Howard wrote that the photos he shared from Jordan were taken at Biblical locations that are significant, but not well known to the public:  “At the Jabbok River, Mahanaim [Two Camps] and Pnuel [Turn to God], Jacob wrestled with the "Man" all night, and was named Israel after the struggle; Jacob sent out his wives and servants ahead of him to meet Esau and the 400-man troop of his servants; then he was ready to meet his estranged twin brother Esau, and they were partially reconciled.  Esau never accepted that the inheritance of the Promised Land would actually be Jacob's, and this same spiritual reality is evident today.  Tishbi is the home site of Elijah.  The rock pile is a monument that we stacked up as a witness there that Yeshua Shlomeinu/Jesus is Our Peace, reconciling Jews, Arabs, and others to God and to one another.

     In the year of this journey Howard noted the reality that “Israel has historically been a land-bridge between empires and has seen many wars and invasions as a result.” It is interesting to see that God intends to override history of blood, violence and conquering armies and turn the Israeli land-bridge into a highway of blessing.
     “This is the promise that the time will come when Egypt, Assyria, and Israel will be a blessing in the midst of the Earth, Howard continued.  “That will be the outcome of the righteousness and peace which He will bring, and there will be no more war. But, meanwhile, believers now can experience the spiritual application when God has made those who have been enemies friends, and we can cross [some] borders to meet together as brothers and sisters in our common salvation.”

     After the conference Howard wrote, “At this time the nation is torn over political, cultural, and heart issues regarding who and what the people and the nation of Israel is. It is bringing much acrimony into all levels of society, and threatening even the unity normally expressed in remembering those whose lives have been sacrificed to keep Israel alive and free.  The Arabs and the Jews both need to be reconciled with the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob/Israel, and the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah. This is our prayer.”

     Today how much more so is the unity of the Israeli nation torn brother against brother, faction against faction? To read the newspaper headlines it appears there is none willing to accept anything except what they view as the way forward. But this is not just Israel – this is seen in all nations across the world.  Deep conflict has overtaken the nations. Somehow it is harder to see Israel torn apart to the same degree, but Israeli is like all the nations as the saying goes, “but more so.”

     There is no more biblically significant, severely acute conflict than that between Israel and her Islamic Middle Eastern neighbors, and the whole world has taken sides. But when Israeli Messianic Jews and Christian Arab believers reach out to each other in brotherly unity and love, this is the testimony of great power in Yeshua/Yasūʿa. This is what has been taking place between Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs for many years now, even in the midst of the current warfare between Israel and Gaza.

     When he re-posted the photo a few weeks ago of the rock monument that ‘two camps’ of Jewish and Arab believers had built on the Jabbock River in Jordan, Howard wrote:

The Apostle Paul tells us to strive to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace…. It is admittedly difficult to feel ‘united’ with other believers who actually think that Hamas is justified in its Oct 7 attack and atrocities, and that Israel is guilty of existing.  Since I am speaking of believers who think and feel this way, we are dealing with deep issues of the heart that is in opposition to normal discernment between good and evil, and in opposition to the Holy Spirit to God's righteousness for His own holy name's sake.”

     That describes perfectly how I feel about it also, dealing with fellow international Christians who have such denial of basic biblical facts, because if we don’t believe what the Bible says then we are bound to believe the lying narratives instead.

     As Howard spelled it out: “He (God) will save the nation that He exclusively chose to be His witnesses in the world to bring glory and praise to YHVH God the Father and His Son.” (Read Isaiah 43 and understand that is God’s plan for Israel spelled out: “I, yes I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake and remembers your sins no more.”) 

     “For Gentile Christians,” Howard writes, “as the Bible gives us to understand, you have been brought into God's plan for Israel, which is for blessing and salvation of the world, through Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah, born an Israeli Jew…. With all the things done historically in the name of Christ, do Gentile Christians have nothing to learn from the Jews who have also done huge sins as representatives of the Supreme God?!  We are all saved by grace and mercy, and Yeshua/Jesus died for all sinners.” 

     Many consider the battle Israelis face from Palestinians to be simply a matter of being magnanimous Christians toward Arabs. They see themselves as being more highly moral than Christian who support Israel. They don’t see the issue as biblical but merely a real estate dispute. They do not consider those at war with Israel deny the Jews have any place in the holy land despite God’s Word to the opposite. They buy into the idea that Jews in modern day Israel are “colonizers” and oppressors in David and Goliath-type terms. There is absolutely nothing in the Bible to give such an idea, and in fact the Bible is 100% clear that God has always intended to restore the Jews to the Promised Land. He is good on His promises, and any explanation for modern day Israel to the contrary is a lie that is not to be found in the Bible. People, whether it is believers or non-believers, who refuse the truth of God’s restoration of Jews to Israel, are fighting against God Himself.     

     As the war has intensified relations even between Israel’s Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs, another thing has been springing up and that is how they are pressing in to keep the unity of the faith with each other. We must join our prayers with them for the many ways they are reaching out to each other for the Holy Spirit to be in the midst of them making the way of brotherly peace and love.

     In this respect, I would like to pass along word that the congregations of Israel have called a 24/7 prayer chain on behalf of their nation for Divine Intervention. It is to start July 7th and to continue for 1 month, each congregation taking part. I was first alerted to the prayer chain by my intercessor friend at the Kfar Saba
HaMaayan congregation, Sally Shiff wrote, “Only God can end this war, bring the hostages home and save Gaza. It has always been the mighty hand and outstretched arm of the Lord who exalts one nation and puts another down. And in spite of us, always protects His people.”

     She wrote me that they are seeking God “for Divine intervention breakthrough for the hostages and protection for our soldiers, many of them are our children; for fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom be upon all our decision makers
— military and political; and for the removal of the ‘10 negative leaders/spies’ who brought a bad report of the Land and rebelled against the living God. Also they are praying “for new leaders to be raised with ‘another spirit’ like was said of Calev ben Yephuneh of Judah and Yoshua ben Nun. Also for Israel to “be moved by FAITH and not by FEAR.”

     The Remnant of Israel is stepping into the place of intercession for their whole nation and there is none with more authority to pray over what Israel needs in this moment than those surrendered to God for such a time as this. It is love of their people that is the power behind their prayers.

     That doesn’t mean we cannot pray along with them in unity, seeking God’s Divine intervention for Israel. We come alongside in appealing for God to move mightily on behalf of the nation of Israel and also for every single believer in Israel to be strengthened in the inner man so the light of Yeshua within them will be visible to all. “Yeshua Shlomeinu: Jesus is our peace.”


Saturday, June 29, 2024

2024 Jun 28 Arrows - Israel Faces Almost Certain Imminent War


This area in central Israel is close to many of the homes and congregations of Israeli ministries. They are all acutely aware of the danger of attacks on their cities coming from the terrorists in Qalqilya, which could ignite the frenzy of other terrorists in PA-controlled Samaria/West Bank

Israel Faces almost certain imminent
war with Lebanon

But will Hamas in the west bank
force Israel to deal with
all the terrorists closer to home first?
by Donna Diorio

A couple of days ago I posted on Facebook about a West Bank (Samaria) town that is a Hamas stronghold - dangerous to many ministry friends who are located very near it. Reporting on the danger here since 2011, new alarms are arising because of the suspected extensive tunneling that has been done in Qalqilya. It could be a launch point for another attack like what took place October 7. Of course, Israel would not be caught off-guard this time.
     A terrorist car-jacking took place days ago in Qalqilya, killing a 78-year old Jewish man shopping for vegetables. He was left for dead on the side of the road. After the car-jacking and his murder, Israeli troops went into the town. That day two Islamic Jihad members were killed in West Bank raid, one was planning attack.
     A ministry friend in nearby Kfar Saba, Sally Shiff wrote: "Today. The war hit a little too close to home, some 4 miles away. And thankfully the terrorist attack was averted before it was carried out. ("Today Israeli special forces eliminated terrorists in Qalqilya who were on their way to carry out a big terrorist attack.") 
    She continued, “For those of you who have visited my city and our congregation, our roof looks out on Qalqilya only four miles away.  Qalqilya is a Hamas hold out and a walled city due to the terror attacks it has perpetrated to Israel (specifically Kfar Saba) in the past.  I am grateful to God's protection!”
     Also, our Tel Aviv ministry friends the Mizrachi's wrote:  “My family, and Avi and I live very close to Qalqilya. My daughter in a moshavim between Kefar Saba and Qalqilia...(Our daughter) has three small children and her husband away serving in the army. Prayers please.”   

     6/25 Times of Israel: IDF says 24 terror suspects arrested overnight in West Bank
To read the
Arrows from Zion reports on Hamas in Qalqilya from 2011 and 2014, find it on my Fruit of the Fig Tree blog where I have combined both 2011 and 2014
reports from an earlier blog

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries

Chaim Malespin of the Aliyah Return Center asks “What is courage?” and writes, “the dictionary definition of courage, it is: “the ability to do something that frightens one; and strength in the face of pain and grief.”  Chaim confides, “I have probably cried more than I have ever done so in my adult life this year. Thinking of the loss of my precious brothers that have fallen in battle has brought me to tears many times.” Chaim continues, “Even today, I was invited to speak to a group of widows. I wasn’t able to make it in the end because of some missions in Gaza. However, still… these dear women have suffered a giant loss in their lives and my heart goes out to them…. In speaking with a widow, she shared how forgiveness is a very important step in healing and being able to move forward. There are several steps of grief. Forgiveness needs to be part of the journey of healing she told me. It is important to forgiving yourself, your spouse, the external decision makers, God, etc… To make peace with everyone. This also takes tremendous courage. I wish you could witness the courage this tiny little country has…. In the face of fear, pain, and grief, we press on to victory. I know that God’s word has been my source of courage in these perilous times. My team will pray and recite scriptures before entering into Gaza together which gives us a boost in our spirits. Please continue to cover us in your prayers! We need them so much right now.”  Watch Chaim's daily videos from the frontlines of battle) @ ARC YouTube

Asher Intrater sends powerful videos including “Echad” and The One New Man “Asher takes a look at the Oneness of God and how His Oneness is reflected in the mystical union of male and female, Jew and Gentile (Eph 2), Yeshua and the Ekklesia (John 17), Israel and the Ekklesia (Rom 11). [DD: I did not see this before writing my own version of the same theme last SundayApostle Paul: This Mystery is Profound.” ]  ALSO from Tikkun Global  VIDEO of Asher in Munich, Germany next to the Olympic stadium where Jewish athletes were massacred in a terror attack in 1972 as Christians and Messianic Jews unite there. Pray for anti-semitism to be defeated. | Guy Cohen’s Neither Slumber nor Sleep
     PLUS A detailed Global Prayer Request: Israel at War in Rafah by Betty Intrater including: “The West Bank, territories under Israeli jurisdiction with partial self-rule, remains volatile. The IDF has been operating to dismantle terrorist cells there to prevent another “Gaza Strip” situation. Several European countries have declared a Palestinian State in the West Bank without cooperation from the Israeli government.”
     Last but certainly not least: 
Major New Facility in Jerusalem – read all about it here!

Cookie Schwaeber-Issan News Commentaries almost daily at   The divine call to return Jews to their homeland | Is Israel Really Prepared for a Hezbollah Confrontation? | The Deep Fake of Gazan Starvation  and  Jerusalem Post  Guterres, UN should redirect their warnings to Hezbollah
Available for Zoom Calls for your Israel-interested groups: EMAIL

From Reuven Doron: A Solemn Assembly | EXCERPTS: Pray with us for a NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER to be declared in Israel, and the sooner the better! …. We are entering a dangerous season that potentially can open up a “Pandora Box” of unimaginable hardships and devastation that could spread far and wide.....Do not confuse God’s discipline for His vengeance. He disciplines His children as a good and perfect parent does for their own well being because we love them. Yet, He takes vengeance upon His enemies…. The prophet (Joel) declared that the calamities will go far beyond Israel and become global. He upheld the same principle that the Apostle Paul applied when he taught that God “ … will render to each one according to his deeds (Romans 2:6-9). . . .Repentance works wonders. . . . It must be, however, a work of the heart, which is what God is looking for. . . .
     We Are In Serious Times | No normal person wants war. Our family, as many other families in Israel, “has skin in the game,” and every flippant political, ideological, or theological statement runs straight into the immovable rock of genuine concern for those near and dear to us. Consequently, when we make strong statements regarding the present struggle Israel must endure and overcome, we do so with a deep anchor in reality. We live in a multi-generational home alongside our children and grandchildren, so the little ones are here a lot…. With their Dad and uncles deployed in various IDF combat units, the kids know everything…. It’s personal for us, and we appreciate your prayers and support. Our main source of income for our household and ministry (which for years was our work with Christian Pilgrim Groups) came to an end since the war broke last October. We are thankful for those who share in our burden and labors during this season of war and harvest as we serve both Jew and Gentile according to God’s purposes. To learn how you can support our work in Israel or join our mailing list, email us at | Click to the permanent link Facebook post for the full article here, which is choked full of spiritual insight.   

What a blessing to hear from the heart of Fields of Wheat Christian Arab team member, Ruby Bishai, on his life journey serving since the Oct 7 terrorist attack on Israel. Ruby writes, “Our ministry has been serving to our utmost capacity, supporting IDF soldiers during these gut-wrenching times…. With Joel, our director, being called away for months at a time in his army reserve duty, more responsibility was added to my plate. I found myself on the road nonstop, delivering vital supplies to the troops who were suddenly fighting an all-out war we never wanted…. The war also forced us to scale back our activities for young adults—ice-breaking brunches, conferences, and seminars.”
     Then came an unexpected from another Israeli Messianic ministry for Ruby to temporarily join their “Lech Lecha” team as a counselor to young adult Messianic Israelis many of whom “had just come back from the battlefield” from “fighting an all-out war.” Ruby wrote, “The extreme stress of combat was just below the surface, and part of our job was to help them process that trauma with the healing of Yeshua. Serving these young men and women was an honor and privilege—requiring patient, compassionate conversations.  In all of this, the Lord was discipling me too. The deepest area He dealt with was humility….They're facing questions that will determine the rest of their lives! My heart went out to them.
     In a section Ruby called “Going Forward” he wrote, “I now understand the vital importance of creating a discipleship environment for young adults—both Jewish and Arab. As an Arab-Israeli, I see that it is more critical than ever to bring our people together. The freshly enflamed Israeli-Palestinian conflict pushes us apart. It creates suspicion, tragedy, and hatred….I've been delivering equipment to IDF soldiers throughout the war. So, I'm not speaking of a "moral equivalence." There is clear, diabolical evil in the warped fabric of Hamas that we must stand against resolutely. Yet among believers in Yeshua, we have to build a bridge to each other, not allowing the enemy to deprive us of manifesting His kingdom where the hurt is the greatest. To do this, we must step into new territory. This is my heart more than ever.
     Fields of Wheat national summer Katzir youth is coming up August 18-22 – the teens need it and “we ask for your prayers and financial support. The situation in Israel remains unstable, and your advocacy and generous contributions are vital for us to keep serving the next generation. Give HERE!

With Hezballah threatening a war against Israel without rules, Howard Bass of the Yeshua’s Inheritance congregation in Beer Sheva writes something quite profound: “Those who have some understanding of the times understand that now is not the time for Israel to be brought "to the point of death" .... Yeshua/Jesus was obedient to death, even the death of the cross.  The Jewish people, not obedient, will be brought to the point of death, like Isaac, in whom Abraham's seed will be called:  life from the dead!  Abraham believed in God's faithfulness and power to raise up the beloved chosen son from death had he actually killed him as a sacrifice:  Isaac was brought to the point of death, and he somehow allowed himself to go through it!  Without faith we cannot please God. (DD: Remember when Jesus’ ministry first began, the hometown people tried to thrust Yeshua off a high cliff but they couldn’t because it was not His time to be brought to the point of death either!)
     Howard goes on the highly recommend a former Muslim, now redeemed believer, he heard at a conference in Cypress “including former Muslims from N. Africa, Christian Arab pastors from Israel, Messianic Jewish pastors from Israel, Jordanians, Egyptians, and a sizeable group from Taiwan, mostly intercessors. The theme of the conference and seminars was "Why is Israel important for the Kingdom of God?" Howard writes, “The most informative teachings for me were given by Yassir Eric, a Sudanese who was brought up in fanatical Islam (now living in Germany, and his grandfather was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan). Some of you may have seen or heard his testimony, and the story of him hating and almost killing a Christian name Zecharia….I fully recommend looking Yassir up on the internet and learning from him about Islam.  He has a humble spirit, but he is very strong in his denouncement of the political religion that is Islam, and that it fundamentally cannot co-exist with any other religion, or with Jews and Christians.  It demands submission (which is what Islam means), and cannot accept peace with anyone other than with other fanatical Muslims -- "good" Muslims…. Yassir believes that Christians today have no excuse not to understand this. I believe that it is becoming more apparent that the fourth beast and kingdom described in the book of Daniel the Prophet, and in Revelation, is Islam.  Read about it characteristics and acts in those books, and consider it yourselves….. There were a couple of pastors that I am aware of at the conference that are still not firm in their understanding about how important Israel really is. It seems that only those who are uncertain about whether Jesus/Yeshua is coming again personally to rule and reign for 1000 years have a problem, or waver, regarding Israel's significance to God's Kingdom, to the church, and for the nations, for the entire creation. (Jer 31:35-37; 33:17-26). 

Youval & Valerie Yanay who are the leaders of the discipling community just outside Jerusalem, Revive Israel, quoted Psalm 127:3-4 in their opening this week and I got an instantaneous new revelation just reading the words, Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”
    They were making the final prep for the trip to France with “26 teenagers from all over the country for a time of renewal, reconciliation, and drawing near to God. It will be a unique time filled with sweet fellowship with believers from France who are their own age. We thank you for your prayers, and if you feel led to contribute to this journey, you can do so here.” The Revive community seeks to bless young people and you can read more about it in Seeds of Hope: Guiding the Next Generation to be Rooted in Yeshua (and watch the video too. They write, “During Memorial Day commemorations for our soldiers, many of the youth realized that their turn to serve would come sooner than they thought. We do not live in easy times, with the rise of antisemitism making their future even more uncertain in a world often hostile to their nation and their people.”

From Leon Mazin of the Return to Zion Center in Haifa, this: “Although we are believers in Yeshua, many of us still grapple with the wounds and hurts from our past, which can sometimes lead to feelings of bitterness and pain, even in the present situation.  However, we were filled with hope and gratitude when volunteers from Israel and the USA conducted two workshops (on psychology through the eyes of God and past wounds) and ministered to the Congregation members. We have witnessed much-needed healing and relief, and we praise and thank our Heavenly Father for His love and care. As we continually serve the Holocaust survivors and new immigrants, we organized two events for them as well. We celebrated Jerusalem Day with a group of Holocaust survivors and Shavuot - Feast of Weeks with a group of new immigrants. On the 12th of June, our Congregation members and guests gathered to celebrate Shavuot. . . .After a long period of sadness and grief, we were able to truly rejoice together. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your love and continuous prayers for us and for the whole of Israel. "Restoring & proclaiming the faith in Yeshua in Israel!" VISIT US ONLINE

Daniel & Shirya Yahav in Tiberias lead the Peniel Fellowship and, naturally write about the war(s) Israel faces from her enemies: “Israel cannot in any scenario, afford our enemies to think that terror pays them. That would be a disaster.” They write about increasing concerns in the north as many “have been evacuated from their homes for over 8 months now, living in hotels or in different temporal solutions. This puts a lot of pressure on many of these families, who don’t even have any expected date for returning to their homes, not to mention that some of the towns and villages like Metulla and Margaliot in upper Galilee, have suffered major damages to many of the houses and facilities. Thankfully, in our area around Tiberias and the lower Galilee we have had quiet.”
    They write about some amazing testimonies from among them who are serving in the IDF in Gaza witnessing miraculous incidents where he and this fellow soldiers lives were saved in quite harrowing incidents. This soldier is a medic and has even seen one he has treated return after being considered beyond survival, or even if he did survive from being paralyzed for life. “This same soldier he had treated came to him all smiling and happy, thanking S. for treating him, telling him that he is well. The shrapnel had reached one millimeter away from his spine, not causing him permanent damage. S. answered him that God loves him, and that he is praying for him. This Messiani soldier is praying over each wounded man he treats in the field.”
     Continue praying for favor in their hearing for the license for their school – “our representative had the opportunity to explain in detail why we began this school in the first place, when children from messianic families were beaten and harassed in school with no protection. Now we are waiting for their decision. Please pray with us that they will finally grant us this license…. Continue to pray also for our kindergarten. Although we were given the license and it is operating, the city hall is now demanding that we make a parking lot for the disabled on the kindergarten ground,

Avi Mizrachi makes this great announcement: As you can imagine, the terrorist invasion on October 7th and the war that has followed have given birth to much tension and turmoil between Jewish and Arab people these last nine months. There is much reconciliation that needs to happen in our land. But I believe God has called Dugit Outreach Ministries for such a time as this. Today, I would like to introduce you to my good friend and the newest member of the Dugit Ministries team, Pastor Najeeb. We believe God has sent Pastor Najeeb to coordinate our efforts toward bringing this urgently needed reconciliation to all the people of Israel. Pastor Najeeb is an Arab-Israeli who was born in Haifa to an Aram (Syrian) mafia crime family from Lebanon. He grew up in the “family business”—which led him into a lifestyle of drugs, crime, and violence—and as a young man, he was respected and feared by those who knew him….But when Najeeb was born, his mother had dedicated him to God. Years later, when Najeeb was in his early twenties, he had an unexpected encounter with God. He locked himself in his room for several days to pray—and when he came out, he was a changed man.
     You play a crucial role in reaching the people of Israel with the Good News of Messiah. We cannot do what God has called us to do without the generous and ongoing financial support of friends like you. May I ask that you consider giving a special gift today to help bring hope and reconciliation to Israel? We need more testimonies like Pastor Najeeb.  The good news must be proclaimed across all Israel, the hurting must find hope, the hungry must be fed, and urgent needs must be met.

From Pastor Israel Pochtar of Beit Hallel and Voice of Judah Ministries: Hannah's Remarkable Story: The Israeli Voices of Tomorrow Revealed  This series of podcasts were born out of the desire to show the young faces of our nation, community and congregation…. Hannah’s testimony is one of remarkable strength and resilience in the face of a devastating task she and her IDF unit were entrusted with the day the war broke out on October 7th.  Watch her testimony today!     
     Also VIDEO Joy in Times of War: Celebrate your Festivals, Tribe of Judah! And read God's Army of Comforters

The ministry team at HaCarmel congregation on Mt Carmel in Isifya, write: “Earlier this month, we were blessed to have Pastor Carter Conlon share on a Shabbat morning (click to watch the full meeting). God had given him a strong message for us on unity…. Unity is not easy. It is not a feeling. It is a decision. A choice. There is power in unity, but that power is lost when we choose to break our unity. As Yeshua said in Matthew 12: 25, “every house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our unity is a testimony to the reality of God.
….Pastor Carter went on to say, “As the day of Messiah approaches, I believe we will hear more and more voices calling us back to unity. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. . . I feel that the latter day outpouring of the Holy Spirit will have something to do with Jews and Gentiles coming back together in Yeshua. One voice, one heart. If there are differences, they won’t matter anymore. We are related by blood. The blood of Yeshua relates us.” They write, “….If we are going to see true revival come to Israel, we, who are followers of Yeshua must be in “one accord”-- in genuine unity with one another. The call goes out from our Land to the worldwide body of believers—Jew and Gentile—to stand together
     We are deeply grateful to all our friends for standing with us and our nation through these difficult days.  May the Lord bless and keep you and your families. from the Kehilat HaCarmel Leadership Team  The June messages given by Pastors Dani, Peter and Vladimir will also bless and encourage you. Here are the links:  The Gospel is the Power - June 8 - Dani Sayag | The Black Box - June 15 - Peter Tsukahira | God's Covenant- June 22 - Vladimir Tsapar
     JULY 7th join us online for the Rosh Chodesh Celebration at Kehilat HaCarmel, Isifya. Live Worship 7/7 at 19:00-20:30 Israel Time or catch the rerun on our YouTube channel .

From Avner Boskey this:  Open your doors, O Lebanon, that fire may destroy your cedars! Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 Claims by Hamas or the Palestinian Authority to Gaza or to the West Bank, and claims by Hezbollah to southern Lebanon – these flagrantly violate YHVH’s word regarding the biblical borders of the Promised Land.  These are the vain imaginings of the nations that Psalm 2:1 mentions, and they run roughshod over God’s prophetic promises to His Jewish people

From Out of Zion Ministries, David & Josie Silver send David’s commentary on “Israel is Facing a Major War with Hezbollah” writing “…life on Mt. Carmel has been very different and challenging for Josie and myself, as it has for everyone in Israel. The city of Haifa, which sits on Mt. Carmel, has not suffered any damage from rockets so far, but we have lived with the prospect of that changing at any time. We have heard many explosions which were rockets and drones being intercepted in the air, some distant and a few much closer, judging by the sound level. The number of rockets, mortars, anti-tank shells and drones that have been launched against Israel since the war began is now over 20,000, the majority in the north. About 80,000 residents of the north have been evacuated, living in hotels for months now, and an increasing number of their homes have been severely damaged. Many businesses have had to close down and the economy in the north is ruined…. Hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah have steadily intensified over the last few weeks to the point that a full scale war could be initiated by either side at any time…. We are being warned to prepare supplies of food, water and medical items. Underground car parks are being prepared as emergency medical centers and safety shelters for residents, if war with Hezbollah breaks out and the north is hit by thousands of missiles…. Many more soldiers may be injured and killed as they do their best to protect the country and attack the enemy.
     In addition to all of the above, is the deep concern and heartfelt pain most Israelis feel for everyone who has lost loved ones or friends, for the seriously wounded soldiers and of course the remaining 120 hostages. The overall scenario for the days and weeks ahead is not good without supernatural intervention. The future of Israel and her people is in the hands of GOD, and in great need of His mercy. Your prayer support for us in the north and for all of Israel is imperative at this time, and greatly appreciated.
     ALSO David Silver’s VIDEO Updates from the news that impacts Israel and the body of Messiah in Israel for the  6/25/2024 Midweek update| Plus the Out of Zion Prayer for Israel Zoom meeting every Tuesday 9 pm Israel time - 7 pm UK - 2 pm EST - 6 am NZ | Contact David for link information via email.

Michael Beener, City of Life in Sderot writes: Civilian Emergency Kit For Wartime | Having an emergency kit can make the difference between life and death. This is why our ministry has decided to take action and we have launched an initiative to purchase and distribute these emergency kits to the families who need them most. Each set includes a battery-powered radio, two flashlights, a Power Bank, first aid medicines, and other essential items. Each emergency kit costs $100, and our goal is to support 1,000 families in Sderot and the communities on the border….we aim to raise $100,000, which will allow this project to be successfully carried out and ensure that all these families receive the vital resources they need. Learn more & watch VIDEO