Thursday, November 7, 2019

Las Vegas Messianic Congregation Targeted, Terrorist Arrest Made

Above is a screen save of my article in the latest issue of the Messianic Times.
This is not that article, but here I'm giving further thoughts
on the issues that came out of researching the facts of the case.

My 2¢
Las Vegas Messianic Congregation Targeted,  Terrorist Arrest Made

Did you know that this summer, one month after the El Paso Mall shooting and the Dayton, Ohio Antifa shooter, there were 50 preemptive terror arrests made? Now even more so. Were these real threats of terrorism or politically-driven "security theater" events? We have to ask these questions. We should distrust how hate speech online may easily be getting exploited for political purposes.

There was another arrest November 1 in Pueblo, Colorado of the state's second-oldest synagogue. This too  bears striking resemblance  the Messianic Times story I just did, Terror Target: Las Vegas Messianic Synagogue.

My deepest concern is what is happening between the people spewing hate speech on the web and the FBI OCE's (Online Covert Employees). No one seems to be asking for any accountability at that level.

Pamela Geller also expressed concerns in the facts that emerged after the Garland terror attempt at her "Draw Muhammad" event. Geller wondered if the OCE egged on the terrorists to commit an attack against her specifically. The OCE who had been encouraging the terrorists online was actually present watching the attack scene in Garland, but no FBI agents were sent to thwart the attack and only three hours notice of the attack was given to the Garland, Texas police. Why?

I have real concerns about that same types of issues in the Las Vegas arrest. I wonder when and how the 24-year old arrested in that case transitioned from ranting about illegal immigrants and LGBT to also hating Jews. In 2016 there were no mentions of Jews so how did focus develop? How Conor Climo get focused in his many terroristic fantasy-plans on the only Messianic congregation in Nevada? Quite honestly, I wonder if the ADL's Center on Extremism online trackers, or COE's, had anything to do with that.

I wonder the same with the latest arrest on November 1 in Colorado, because again the hate speech morphed into operational after 2 OCE's who had been communicating with the 27-year old online met him in person. They brought him explosives and then he was busted. What did the online conversations consist of that led to that critical moment?

As Pamela Geller said, "
While I do believe that undercover FBI agents have to play along with the jihadis they’re dealing with, because in order to be in an informant you have to have credibility, it’s a whole other thing if you’re encouraging and cheering on the proposed murder of Americans who are standing in defense of the freedom of speech, and then not doing anything about it."

Would either of these two men have taken it to the execution level without the moral and practical support of the FBI OCE's? Would Pamela Geller's terror attackers focused on her and attempted to attack if it had not been for their online contact? In the case of Geller, her attempted jihad massacres were plotting an attack at the Super Bowl and planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS. How did they get focused on killing all they could at Pamela Geller's Dallas event instead? Was it redirection of the online covert FBI employee? And if it was, why didn't the FBI send agents to thwart the attack?

I have the same kind of questions in the 2009 Dallas arrest of a 19-year old man from Jordan. Would he have advanced to operational if he had not been having encouragement online and eventually received what he thought was explosives for a car bomb from FBI OCE's? We really don't know the answer to that because we don't see what the online communications read like.

To be completely honest with you, I do not trust the ADL Center on Extremism online trackers who were involved in the take down of the Las Vegas attacker. That's because I know that the ADL despises Messianic Jews.

I am from Dallas. In 1997 a local racist, anti-Semite came to the Baruch Hashem Messianic congregation opening fire with many shots into the doors of the packed house for Shabbat service. In response the ADL did nothing but run around to all the news people in Dallas saying, "They aren't really Jews!" So what? Does that mean the terroristic attack did not count somehow? The ADL just didn't want it counted by the news and public as being an anti-Semitic hate crime? Tell that to the perpetrator who went to prison for it.

That incident made me deeply suspicious of how the Messianic target was handled in the Las Vegas arrest.

First off because the FBI did not tell the news media which synagogue in Las Vegas the young man had been arrested for specifically targeting. It took a clever young crime reporter to connected the dots. Three days after Conor Climo's arrest, she approached the Lev Hashem Messianic congregation to confirm they had been the target. The rabbi told she was the only person in the community to contact them outside of the FBI.

Out of all the many fantasized, but developed plans that the Las Vegas man had committed to paper for attacks, like a McDonald's, an LGBTQ bar, police leadership etc., it was only the Messianic synagogue that the FBI Supervisory Agent went to notify as Climo's specific target. The agent told rabbi Hundley that he wanted to make sure he heard it from the FBI and not the media, but the FBI did not tell the media the specific synagogue targeted. It was also not named specifically of all the Las Vegas synagogues in court documents. Why?

Immediately after the arrest a Nevada ADL statement prepared with the Nevada Jewish Federation reads, "ADL requested additional police patrols and a heightened alert status around all shabbat services. This was immediately approved by local police.”

No police patrols were dispatched, however, to the actual specific synagogue that was the terror target.

As soon as the Las Vegas Review Journal published the story naming the Messianic congregation in Las Vegas as the target, the local ADL put out a statement, “ one in the Jewish community was threatened by the suspect in question."

Of course, now that it has not been picked up widely outside of Las Vegas that the target was the Messianic congregation, the ADL is out using it as an example of anti-Semitic violence perpetrated by White Supremacists in the Israeli newspapers (Violent white supremacy is on the rise – how do we stop it?). The ADL is so politically left, how can they not be suspect in the "security theater" that is going on in FBI and Homeland Security? They continually push the narrative that it is "White Supremacists" who account for the American anti-Semitic attacks when the factual statistics do not support that. In reality, the ADL, like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is politically driven which is undeserving of their past reputations.

The same political forces appear to be the power struggle we see inside our agencies tasked with national security issues. What I found in my research was that the Department of Homeland Security was fit to be tied because of Trump re-directing their domestic terrorism resources to the southern border and illegal immigrants. Many of them were livid and wanted to pursue resources instead on white supremacists. With all the faking of terrorism statistics that Patrick Poole has documented from the Obama era, how can we dismiss the current explosion of preemptive arrests after El Paso as completely above board? I know I don't.

It would not surprise me in the least if the online terrorist trackers who were conversing with Conor Climo on the internet were somehow responsible for the target he focused on. 

The ADL stated it was their Center of Extremism internet team who informed the FBI about Climo in June 2019. They also stated they had been tracking Climo online since 2016. The week following the El Paso/Dayton attacks, on August 8th, the FBI searched Climo's house and arrested him.

I cannot say positively that the ADL's COE focused Climo on the Messianic synagogue, but I would sure like to see the communications that went on between them to see the positively did not.

When the online contact meets with the person posting hate speech on Facebook and presents them with explosives, it really makes me wonder if the rants and fantasized plans would have ever gone operational without the encouragement they received from those posing as like-minded individuals instead of informants that they are.

I am all for online tracking of the bad guys, but I am not happy with not knowing if we are being treated to manipulated results. I am not thrilled with either the right or the left doing this.

On the other hand, I'm not thrilled with how they a blind eye was turned to all the tells Nidal Hasan was giving before he attacked Ft Hood either. I'm also not thrilled with the suppressed Islamic terror statistics by labeling that terror attack "workplace violence" in the Fort Hood case and others, or the inflated statistics of White Supremacists either.

On terrorism I think we are caught between the political right and the political left instead of our security agencies just doing their job straight up, honestly no manipulations. That is the only way Americans can be assured national security is make the #1 priority to protect American citizens. It isn't too much to ask.

That's my 2¢ —Donna Diorio