Wednesday, December 20, 2017

JPost Stacking the Deck of Public Opinion Against Messianics

Last week a Jerusalem Post article titled, Will Israel Ever Accept Messianic Jews? came to my notice. The sub-heading read: Indeed, Messianic Jews are largely shunned by mainstream Jewish communities around the world, and are commonly seen as proselytizers.
It also noted: 

> Rabbinical court rules against Jewish marriage rites for Messianic Jews and
> Study: One-fifth of Jewish millennials believe Jesus is the son of God

Apparently the writer, Tamara Zieve was doing damage control after bad press from the recent case of a Swedish Messianic Jew, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, was deported last month because of her faith in Yeshua. This was an attempt to justify an unjust, if not illegal deportation of a Jew who believes in Jesus.

After reading the article, I was quite annoyed by it and began to attempt to post comment. This began a struggle as over the next 30 to 45 minutes I struggled to re-register to the JPost site and post my comment which kept disappearing - sometimes completely and sometimes with my closing thought cut off mid-sentence.. I would re-enter it again, but over and over my comment would disappear just as I posted it.

Finally after struggling all that time to get my comment posted, I was suddenly redirected to a page that warned me Visually and Audibly that I was on a Malicious Pornographic page attempting to infect my computer. I had to shut down my browser to get out of it.

Say what you will about "coincidences", but it is not the first time that the Jerusalem Post has blocked my comments regarding the Messianic Jews of Israel, nor is it the me only who has experienced technical obstruction. I have heard of other pro-Messianic comments being blocked. I was so angry about it that I went to Twitter where JPost on Twitter follows me and I tweeted:

Afterwards, some on Facebook reported that they saw my incomplete post on Jpost website. Yes: I am publicly accusing the Jerusalem Post online of purposefully obstructing by technical means the comments of those who are pro-Messianic faith. This has been going on for years, and it must be stopped!

With that said, here is the comment that I sought to post: 

This article is a case of strongly prejudicial reporting and certainly reflects more on the reporter's biases than upon the reality on the ground. I know a large amount of Israeli Messianic Jews and of their communities, and these are people who are not "largely shunned" by anyone except the ultra-religious sects which are often at odds with the thinking of mainstream Israelis. In fact, in many Israeli arenas, the Messianic Jews are thought of as highly honorable, generous, loyal and courageous people.

Also  prejudicially stated: "Messianic Jews are largely shunned by mainstream Jewish communities around the world". Around the world Messianic Jews enjoy their own space of worshipping God as they see fit, like many of the sects of Judaism which the ultra-religious in Israel also look down upon.  Plus, it is only in Israel where the government has ALLOWED the ultra-religious to judge the authenticity of faith of all other sects of Judaism. Everywhere else in the world Jews of every religious or non-religious point of view can live without fear of being expelled by the narrow-minded decisions of ultra-religious Jews. They can get married in their own nation. They don't have to fear the stalking of their children, homes and workplaces. 

This article is so slanted, in fact, it is worthless - except to try to trick people into thinking some is bad wrong with Messianic Jews in Israel in order to justify injustice against them. Sorry but you can't explain away injustice with what amounts to a false narrative against these good people. -end-

I believe it is important for Christians who support Israel to STOP letting abusive conduct and statements about the Israeli community of Messianic Jews go by unchallenged. They are our spiritual family in Jesus, and if you think it will ingratiate you to Israeli Jews, it may for some, but God will be sorely displeased by the betrayal.