Saturday, May 12, 2018

Welcome to the City of the Great King

Let me just say upfront that I have been critical of the American prophetic
stream for many years. My thinking is that for a large part of them, what could they know when they are missing God's heart and plans for Israel, and the significance of the growing body of Messiah in Israel? That has made me doubt them on every level of their prophetic gifting.
Of course the excesses and abuse they put up within their ranks also played into my overall low view of the American prophetic stream. But
the failure to see Israel, that was really the most troubling to me of all.
Over the yeas I have withdrawn further and further from the American
prophets because of their failure to see how God raising a body of
believers up in Israel is CRITICAL to His plans to complete everything
He started in Genesis 1. I have been unable to trust their prophetic
vision even when they were right - like about how good Trump would
turn out to be - because of the blind spot most of them have about
Israel. While that is the main issue that caused my doubts in their prophetic
vision, there were many other issues of excesses and abuse that
reinforced my doubt in them as a whole. There are exceptions to
that blind spot. There are prophets who have long seen the
importance of the body in Israel and Israel’s importance to God
- so by extension to the followers of Jesus internationally.
Mike Bickle is one, Chuck Pierce another, and of course, Rick Ridings
who got himself to Israel long, long ago to establish the 24/7 prayer
and worship in Jerusalem. Ridings went to Israel not establish a name
for himself in Israel, but to impart a gift to the body in Israel of
establishing 24/7 prayer in Israel and the surrounding Arab
nations. That’s how I see it. There are other prophets who have
embraced Israel, but have failed to recognize the importance of the
Israeli body of Messiah. That is a huge mistake.
It is a dangerous pitfall for Christians who discover Israel from God's
eyes, but go forward in that downplaying or completely ignoring the
believers in Israel as if they are too small to be of consequence. It is
a particular ditch that already big names in Christianity fall into. It
would be better not to try to make yourself the big shot in Israel
while completely ignoring what the Holy Spirit is doing among the
body there.
Today I saw a Christian magazine touting a prayer team for Israel
having the largest religious Facebook page in the world with 40 million
fans. "The prayer team has more fans on Facebook than the
next seven Israeli pages combined, one of which belongs to
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."
Since the late 1980's, I have never known that prayer team minister
to engage with or speak about the approximately 30,000 followers of
Yeshua in Israel today. His efforts are strictly geared toward political
support of Israel. That is a problem.

Thank God for his efforts on behalf of Israel, but this is the other side
of the ditch that believers can fall into when it comes to Israel. This the
side of the ditch that a great many evangelical supporters of Israel have
fallen into and their blindness to the body in Israel is hurting God’s plan
that believers in the nations to help Israeli ministries reach Israelis with
the gospel.
To align ourselves with God's purposes for Israel, for the joining of the
Jewish believers and the believers from all nations, into "one new man"
in the Messiah, we have to find the narrow path that keeps us out of
both sides of the ditch. We also need to pray for breakthroughs for those
believers who have fallen into the ditch on the right and the ditch on the
left of God's plans for the body of Messiah in Israel and the salvation of
"all Israel".
It is actually a breakthrough that is happening now, and which some in
Israeli ministries are strongly resisting. The spiritual reality is that God
opening the eyes of prophetic ministries to the body of Messiah in Israel,
and through those Blood-bought connections, to the significance of Israel
in God's master plan for us all.
I had not realized it before, but this morning it has dawned on me that
God's hand is in this. I am excited to see those from the prophetic stream
discovering Israeli Ministries and through them the significance of Israel.
This is the right order of approach to all Christians in the nations to Israel.
This has been a missing piece of the prophetic puzzle for too many in the
prophetic stream for too long. WE NEED THEM to SEE TOO! Good for
the Israeli ministries who are extending a brotherly welcome to them, and
letting them see, Jesus has a witness in Israel that is a complete five-fold
Let’s pray that the prophetic stream finally begin to see Israel, and the need
for order in their approach to supporting of Israel through the servants
of God in Israel.
Photo:  Ron Cantor explaining Romans 11 in Jrlsm with Todd White
Cantor is of Messiah’s Mandate ministry & Tiferet Yeshua congregation in
Tel Aviv

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