Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My Statement About the Defamation

Daniel Juster, Asher Intrater & Eitan Shishkoff
founders of Tikkun (Restoration) Ministries

I had no idea that Asher Intrater had been under attack over his teachings by some in the Israeli ministries for nearly 3 years. I didn't become aware of it until there was a witch hunter article written about him late last year. Then around Sept 2017, a couple of Israeli ministries private messaged me about their assumptions of what Asher was doing wrong in their eyes.
It came to light that for at least a couple of years Israeli Ministries leaders have been discussing objections to Asher's teaching in semi-annual leaders meetings. Apparently the thing that really ticks them off is thinking that the Tukkun International family of ministries - which is quite extensive and fruitful - considers theirs an apostolic work. Really the hostilities have focused on Asher Intrater and Daniel Juster thinking of themselves as apostolic.
There has been a considerable amount of pouring over the videos and articles and books of these two men to find points to take issue with. And that's exactly the order I believe it is, much like the political machinations we have been witnessing here in the USA: Name the man then the inquisition begins and the AG will find something to charge them with. I have become so sick of what has been going on politically in the false accusations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia... little did I know my friends in Tikkun were going through much the same behind the scenes in Israel.
Back in the summer of 2016, after being moved by hearing several of the messages that Asher Intrater delivered while on his speaking tour in the United States, I began to transcribe those messages unbeknownst to Asher. After I had done a few, I let him know what I was doing. The message was on how we could proactively prepare for what was coming in the end times. Like him, I believe we have the signs for that coming all around us - shouting at us from the headlines, current events and even the state of people all around us.
By the time I quit transcribing those messages I had about 17 messages. Then I took those messages and put them into an order that laid out a stream of thought about a lot of issues surrounding the main point of what we can do be prepared for the days ahead. It was a book — a handbook of the end times in my view. Of course Asher and I have completely different writing styles. He is pithy, I draw things out because I want explanations to be complete. I sent him what I had assembled from his messages and then he went into seclusion for a month and wrote the much shorter, Alignment.
When I first started transcribing the messages and encouraging Asher that he needed to get into writing what I heard him teaching in the US the summer of 2016, he told me, I think you are going to get me in trouble. We laughed about it but it was true, because nothing makes believers come against other believers faster than differences in beliefs about the end times.
Nevertheless, I thought it was important for Asher to speak to the people who share the same convictions that we do: not a pre-Tribulation rapture of the Church leaving the Jewish people to find faith in the midst of the reign of the anti-Christ. No. We believe Israel is being saved right now (Israel representing all Jews). We Christians are not here as potted plants. We are here to be part of the greatest outpouring of salvation that the world has ever seen, including Israel.
I have said all that to say this: I have a pretty good grip on the kind of men that the Tikkun ministries are, especially Asher Intrater, Daniel Juster and Eitan Shishkoff, but also all the young ministers they have poured their lives into mentoring and raising up to take their places as the baton is passed to the new generation of Israeli Messianic ministers. Many of them are already operating in those roles.
So it really irks me to know that the Israeli ministry leaders were not content to continue discussions between themselves in private, but they felt the need to get their speculations and accusations against Asher and Dan out into the greater public domain.
I have read the document that was put out by their leadership group called "To All Interested Parties" and it casts Asher, Dan and the Tikkun Ministries as a whole into "suspicions". If I were Asher Intrater, I would not have signed my name to that document because it puts them under a cloud of suspicion publicly.
Oh, I understand why Asher signed it, and why they have bent over backwards trying to keep the peace with their brothers in the Israeli ministry leadership who took exception to how they were operating their Tikkun Ministries. They have been acting according to the admonition of Romans 12:18: If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
But now this is out in the public domain in a way that I believe is defamation and character assassination of my brothers Asher Intrater and Daniel Juster, I want to go on record to call it what it is: witch hunting, jealousy, non-charismatic vs.charisimatic. It is biting and devouring these brothers and it is bringing shame on the entire body of Messiah in Israel.
LET ME SAY THIS: Everything I am saying here, I am saying from my own heart without any consultation with the Tikkun ministers whatsoever.
I have no intentions of keeping silent as a public push is made to destroy the reputations of these men. It is wrong, against the Word of God and it should come to a full stop now.

Donna Diorio, May 1, 2018


Unknown said...

Amen, touch not the Lord's anointed.

Donna Diorio, IsraelWatcher said...

Thank you, Mariann. It is disturbing how brothers are attacking brothers in the Israeli leadership. Like there are not enough deadly enemies, we have to try to eat our own. I do not believe God will allow it.

In fact, please join me in speaking over the Tikkun ministries and Asher Intrater and Daniel Juster specifically

"No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the inheritance of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me," declares the LORD."