Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whose voice is it? God, the enemy or yourself?

Someone was talking about separating the voices that speak to us - the voice of the enemy, of our own mind and that which God is speaking to us. Here is my take:

Knowing God as He really is, I think is the part that often makes it difficult to separate His voice in our head from our own. The same way that we know the voice that isn't God, but the enemy, because we know the Word of God well enough to recognize this is not something God would say, that is the part that gets fuzzy when it comes to differentiating between our thoughts and God's thoughts. 

We can be seriously tight with God, but still have certain blind spots about who God really is. I think that a perfect example is in the arena of Israel, where saints of God who are walking in healing and miracles still have a Grand Canyon chasm when it comes to getting who the real God is in relation to the redemption of Israel. Also comprehending the way He has told us He is going to carry that off which is the same way it all started. Consult the book of Acts where the Remnant of Jewish BELIEVERS in Israel - not the Christians coming in to the unsaved Jews - but the saved Jews providing the witness in their own nation. 

It's all there in the Bible, yet most of the prophetic circles of Christianity refuse to see it, and certainly so do most of the pro-Zionist Christians - YET is is exactly what is said in the Scriptures. 

SO MY POINT is that in every point that we have not recognized the REAL God, that is a point that we cannot properly discern between God's voice in our head and our own voice telling us what we believe is the real God. Only submitting to who God really is in each point can give us prophetic clarity on that issue.

Submitting to who God really is on this issue deserves a few more lines of explanation, because the prophetic-cutting edge of Christianity cannot be bothered with thoughts that Israel has a continuing significance to God yet the REAL God testifies repeatedly in scripture that He will NOT forget Israel. And the apostle Paul expounded pretty clearly how salvation would return to Israel. 

Also pro-Zionist Christians - many of the leading - cannot be bothered with the reality of one million saved Jews in the world today, who especially (specifically) in Israel, are the agent of salvation to their countrymen. 

Why can they not submit to how God has revealed He is going to save all Israel? There are several reasons. 

One is that they flatter themselves in thinking their good deeds toward Israel is going to bring Israel to recognize the Messiah. They are operating under a misinterpretation of gentile Christians making Israel jealous. I'm not sure how it makes a Jew jealous to see how shabbily these Christian Zionists treat Messianic Jews in Israel and elsewhere.

Two is that it is easy to make a name for yourself by being a pro-Zionist Christian. Those in the Christian world with a heart toward Israel have a God-given stirring toward Israel, but they do not know what purpose it is for. That is why it is easy to pervert the stirring of Christians toward Israel down rabbit trails. 

Even some in Messianic Jewish circles had diverted this heart stirring among Christians toward a fascination for Jewish culture instead of toward God's redemptive plan for all Israel. Because as Israelis come to faith in the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua, through those Jewish Israelis who are laboring in the Lord's harvest in Israel, this begins to impact worldwide revival.

I don't know how many times in my life I have heard someone tell me adamantly that the Jews are never going to come to faith. Even many pro-Zionist Christians believe they will only come to faith after the Church has been raptured out of this world (this is supposedly when the Jews will remember all those good deeds Christians did for Israel). 

People think it is impossible that Jews will come to faith yet from Matthew through the book of Acts it was practically nothing by thousands and thousands of Jews who believed on Yeshua. We are already witnessing God's plan of salvation come full circle back to the place where it all began - in Israel, with Jews coming to the knowledge of the Son of God.

When we cannot submit to that truth that is written in the Word, then our hearing from God is going to be mightily hampered. Selah.

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