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The Key to Hearing God's Direction

The Key to Hearing God's Direction
By Arni Klein
Emmaus Way

The Burden of the Lord  As we were getting ready to immigrate to Israel, our beloved former pastor David Wilkerson shared a most precious truth.  He said that at the foundation of any God-inspired work or ministry is the burden of the Lord.  It is the source of our motivation, strength and direction. 

There have been a few times when Father let me experience His heart.  The first was in relation to a struggle with one of our teenage children.  I felt like I was being torn apart.  My emotions were like a roller coaster out of control.  I cried out to God, “What are you doing to me?”  He answered, “Read Hosea.”  He later added,  “You asked to know My heart for Israel.  You couldn’t get it from My just telling you.  You needed to go through this experience to understand.”

The next time was just before taking our pilot trip to Israel in 1989.  Wanting to know Him more deeply, I asked Father to show me what grieved His heart.  On the night we returned home I got my answer.  He said, ”When my children fight.”  At the time, I didn’t realize the deep effect this had on me.

The next encounter was in the following year.  After having been told by the Lord the year before that we were to immigrate to Israel within three years, Pastor Dave suggested that I spend a month by myself in Israel waiting on the Lord without plan or agenda to get a word on where we should go and what we should do.

I was led to start my trip in the Tiberias area (very near where we now live).  On the very first morning of these days that were set aside to get direction, I received my answer.  The part of the story that amazes me is not that it came so quickly, but that it took some seven years for me to recognize that what I heard within hours of arriving was in fact my answer.

Part of the reason I didn’t get it is that He didn’t specifically say the word was for me -- unlike the year before when He said, “Here is the answer to your question.”  This time He just revealed His heart -- that the Land would be filled with people praising Him when returns.

He also showed me that it could not be accomplished without the participation of the Body in the nations.  The result has been that we have spent the better part of the last twenty years endeavoring to bring Father’s heart for Israel to our brethren in the nations.

If we are knit with Father’s heart, we will of necessity share His grief, which in turn fuels our passion.  To know Him in this way is to know our calling and election.  It releases a river of never-ending faith and strength.

 The life of Arni and Yonit Klein has been marked by radical shifts and quantum leaps. They met in 1969 in Manhattan and married two months later.  As yet without the knowledge of Yeshua but bonded as seekers, within four years they were separated on the verge of divorce.  In the spring of 1973, they separately came to faith and were reunited.  For 19 years they served in various capacities in New York City until they immigrated  to Israel in 1992.
     For various seasons between 1992 and 2000, they served as congregational elders, directed a congregational  music ministry, and produced a music and drama street outreach.  Arni has recorded an album of original Hebrew songs for seekers (“One Way Ticket”), and their journey to faith “Nothing to Lose” is published in Hebrew and German and can be found on this website in English.  From 1999 to 2012 they stewarded centers in Tel Aviv and the Judean Hills to provide a place for brethren from Israel and the nations  to pray and minister to the Lord.  From 1998 to 2003 they worked with First Nations peoples from various countries to help them understand their calling and unique role in God’s plans for Israel.  Since 2003 they have worked extensively in Germany with a focus on building a bridge between the youth in both nations. They have been part of the community of believers in the Tel Aviv area for 13 years and  Jerusalem for 8 years. 
     They currently reside in a village near Tiberias, and are part of the Morningstar Congregation.  As individuals and as a ministry, they desire to partner with other brethren whenever possible and are committed to walking in transparency and accountability.  For more information you can go to “The History of Emmaus Way.”

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