Saturday, September 9, 2017

Birthpangs 2017

We have a higher calling than to debate our connect-the-dots of why the world is experiencing so many great natural disasters at this time - and make no mistake about it: It is not just the USA experiencing these things. In the United States we are awash with prophetic speculations as to the cause of so many powerful hurricanes hitting the nation. Prophetic words on this are a dime a dozen. 
That is why I find it a pointless exercise for believers to focus on trying to pin all the current natural disasters on some specific evils, sins and opposition to God's plans committed by the US which God is taking vengeance on. It is not like God has looked down and said, 'That's it, I've had it! Release the Krackin!'
I do not believe in this explanation of things. Nor do I believe that these storms are purely generated by demonic activity that we believers have complete control over if we will just arise and speak to the storm. We have spiritual authority to use over the storms, but it is not complete because there is a reason why the storms are happening, and it is definitely evils, sins and opposition to God's plans.
There is some truth in both positions that we are seeing the people of God take in the face of these natural disasters, but to focus on putting our finger on single sin issues as the cause, or thinking that we are just dealing with demonic activity in stirring up the natural disasters is not looking at it with a big picture view.
As someone quoted the other day, "For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed" Ro 8:19 and 22 "the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time"
So we are seeing the whole creation groaning in these disasters. They are groaning to see the children of God being revealed.
When did creation begin to groan? Genesis 3:17 "cursed the ground for your sake". How does that manifest? Lev 18:24-29 explains that the ground is defiled by the sins of the inhabitants. That is why God gave HIS PEOPLE (we're that right?) statutes and ordinances that if His people would follow, it would keep them from defiling the ground beneath them.
And why is that important, because further explained that when the ground beneath us becomes so defiled it will begin to "vomit" out the inhabitants. Have you ever eaten anything that was spoiled and your body reacted to it with violent vomiting out of the bad? The land beneath us does the same, and it is part of the groaning we read about in Romans 8. Don't spiritualize that groaning because it is physical and we are experiencing it right now in natural disasters.
So the earth is groaning and it is groaning as in the pains of childbirth. What child is going to be brought forth? the children (sons) of God will be birthed out of the natural disasters. Selah.
The groaning of the land - natural disasters are occurring because the land beneath is so defiled by sin - violations of God's moral and ethical laws. Now many Christians reject this thought out of hand saying the Law has passed away, but how can God's morality pass away? And if that is so why do you say these hurricanes are because of abortions or homosexuality? Well yes, both of those are violations of God's morality and both of those defile the land in which we live and do play a part in how the land is trying to vomit us out. But that is not the whole story.
Our main focus is not in condemning the world, but in pointing the way to LIFE. These birthpangs are meant to bring ~us~ the sons of God, forth, snatching the sinners from the fire, or the floods, or the earthquakes. This is not primarily a time to cry out judgment, but to cry out, Over here! Here is where you can find safety and refuge from the storms. Here is where you will find peace in the midst of the storm. Here is where your needs will be met when you have nothing left. Here is where you will find compassion and hope.
Oh, yes, we are to speak to the storms, the fires, the quakes to be tempered by the mercies of God, but we are not going to make it all go away by exercising Christian spiritual macho over the storms. There are some things that cannot be reversed. We are to focus on the people in the midst of those storms, taking the opportunity of devastation to show them Jesus. When we do this, the sons of God will be birthed for the increasing spiritual battles ahead.

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