Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are Messianic Jews a cult like your Jewish friend said?!

If you are a Christian, you ought to know that your traditional Jewish friends will try to keep you from being interested in Messianic Jews (Jews who believe in Jesus) by telling you they are a religious cult.

You know what makes them a religious cult in the eyes of traditional Jews? The fact they believe in Jesus.

Now don't get into all kinds of confusion. Your Jewish friends are nice people - they are just adamantly opposed to any Jew who believes in Jesus. They think that person has become a traitor to the Jewish people, abandoning true faith to align with the Christians who have persecuted Jews for a couple of millennium.

You don't have to get mad at them for thinking that way, you just have to understand why they say the things they do about Messianic Jews and the Christians who affilate with Messianic Jews. And it is important that you do so, and not let yourself be swayed by their strong conviction that Messianics are a religious cult.

It's all about Jesus. If you have no problem with Him, then how could you possibly be persuaded that Jews believing in Jesus equals a cult? Selah!

If you want to know more I can refer you to a couple of books that will help turn on the light.  They are by Tel Aviv Messianic leader, Ron Cantor:

Identity Theft: How Jesus was Robbed of His Jewishness
 Read the first two chapters free at this link

and Leave Me Alone - I'm Jewish!

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