Friday, March 1, 2013

What is God's Highest Purpose for us in Supporting Israel?

Christian Support of Israel does not mean
 there is an understanding of the holy Remnant in Israel.
If we aren't teaching this, how will they grasp the significance?
What is God's Highest Purpose for us in Supporting Israel?

Jewish and Arab leaders praying together in northern Israel
at an annual gathering for believers

After being a Christian connected to the Messianic Jews for about 22 years, I have found that the greatest issue is not that half the Church does not think Israel is significant to God at all, but rather that the half of the Church that does recognize the significance of Israel still fail to recognize the significance of the existence of a growing Body of Messiah in Israel. 

When we don't recognize that the believers being raised up in Israel by the Holy Spirit are the KEY to the salvation of all Israel - and to a parallel release of revival throughout the nations - then we ignore them as insignificant. 

This sadly has been what I have observed in the Church that is gung-ho to support Israel - just not God's purposes in the LORD's Body in Israel. 

You can get millions of Christians interested in praying for Israel's safety from their enemies - the terrorists and the international politics, but it takes a revelation from the Holy Spirit for those Christians to understand that as the Body of Messiah, the kingdom of Yeshua, increases in Israel, that it is the holy Remnant that actually increases Israel's safety. Selah.

A subscriber in Puerto Rico reminded me of this article I wrote in 2006,
"If Jesus came down for an encouragement visitation with His kinsmen in Israel, He wouldn't head straight for the Israelis that Christians seem to think of when we think about supporting Israel. Yeshua would meet with His disciples the same as He did after He was resurrected and appeared to them before ascending to the Father."  You might enjoy it too.

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