Monday, August 3, 2009

A serious question for Israel supporting Christian ministries

Called from the nations to stand with Israeli Believers

Here is a serious question for Israel supporting Christian ministries – one of those speaking the truth in love type questions.
I understand how much love, zeal and good intention is behind the efforts of many Christian ministries to raise awareness and support of Israel, but why isn’t there more inclusion of actual indigenous Israeli ministries in these efforts?

It is amazing to me how many “Israel Prophecy” conferences are held each year and few ever feature any of the Israeli prophets or indigenous ministries. What are they? Chopped liver? A potted plant in the corner of the room?

How can we have prophecy conferences about Israel where the Israeli prophets are not even given a platform? Don’t we see the irony of such a thing?

There are all sorts of conferences that the major thrust of the event is ISRAEL but RARELY are any ISRAELI worship leaders or pastors, evangelists, apostles, prophets or teachers even included in the featured ministry. Shouldn't the Church see the ones who are doing the work of the ministry in Israel?

This is an amazing slip-up on the part of the Israel-supporting Church! In all our raising of support for Israel, we are almost completely overlooking those who are ministering in the name of the LORD in Israel as Israeli citizens. How about we start exposing the Church to the faithful ministries of Israel?

Gosh, in this case a “token believing Jew” would be a vast improvement to our prophecy seminars and Israel support conferences! The Knesset guy may be the big name, but the 'big name' Israeli to God are those who are about their Father's business in Israel building the kingdom of His Son.

A congregational worship meeting in Jaffa

And while I’m meddling – all those taking tour groups to Israel, how about next time you make arrangements with one or more of the indigenous Israeli ministries and expose Christians to more than just the antiquities of Israel. Give them an introduction to some aspect of indigenous ministry going on in Israel. If you need suggestions, we can help.

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