Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ariel Sharon, A Lion Sleeps & Rabbi Kaduri's Prediction

Ariel Sharon, A Lion Sleeps
& Rabbi Kaduri's Prediction

This week I got an email from a spiritually astute friend in Jerusalem who was reminding that today, Jan 4th, is six years to the day that Ariel Sharon fell into coma on January 4th 2006.  His article was, SIX YEARS: THE LION CONTINUES TO SPEAK.

If you remember back, when Ariel Sharon fell into a coma many Christians and Jews – saved and unsaved, in the nations and in Israel – said it was the punishment of God for “dividing the Land” in the Disengagement of Gaza.  I personally do not believe that, but my purpose is not to stir up an old controversy which I don’t believe can be reconciled in arguing among ourselves.

I do agree with the prayer request this brother issued in his discussion of Sharon’s continuing life in a coma, and that is:

*That revelation and interpretation would be given to the Body of Messiah in Israel as to what the Spirit is saying to the Congregations through the phenomenon, perhaps "sign", of Sharon's endurance after these six years.

Also, with my experience over the last year after our grandson’s near fatal accident that left him in a coma for many weeks and in vegetative state for weeks after that, I am certain that even in these states the Holy Spirit of God is able to commune with a person – spirit to spirit.  There is no other explanation for the God-consciousness that our grandson emerged from his deep sleep with that has remained with him as his sever brain trauma has been healing miraculously.  So I also agree with this man’s prayer for the soul of Ariel Sharon – that he receive the Messiah – and that the revelation also extend to Ariel Sharon’s two sons who attend him, Omri and Gilad.

In relation to Ariel Sharon, there is also a video that is making the rounds in believer circles about the now deceased Kabbalist Rabbi Kaduri who is said to have named the Messiah before his death as Yehoshua or Yeshua.  In the video that is circulating, Kaduri is said to make the prediction that when Ariel Sharon died that the Messiah would come.  

I don’t know about all that, but I do have a word of caution for those who are receiving Kaduri’s words as a valid prophecy from God.  It is this: 

First, I believe I need to caution my friends about investing too much interest in what Rabbi Kaduri may or may not have said concerning Yeshua and His return. Christians place FAR TOO MUCH interest in what the unsaved rabbis say than in the gospel that is going forth in Israel through the SAVED REMNANT. 

Now, I am not saying that Rabbi Kaduri did not have some revelation of the identity of Yeshua, BUT I ABSOLUTELY CAUTION you against receiving a prophetic date setting of Messiah's return based on the word of a Kabbalist rabbi who did not come out of the closet about his faith in an open way, and even in a closed way only a year after his death!

There is a very UNHEALTHY interest in Christian circles with unsaved rabbis. We believe for them to be saved, but we don't hang on their every word and fund their projects - even their projects to rebuild the temple. This is such a dangerous trap!

God can use anyone He wants to speak to us - and when He uses something or someone like an unsaved rabbi or even a donkey, it is generally because we have not listened to HIS voice, or those true prophets He has sent to us. So He has to pick the most surprising and unlikely source to get our attention. That is what I think may be happening here.

For years I have heard reports tickling the believers' ears about secret rabbis who believe in Yeshua. Some lying people have even declared they met them, only to be exposed later to have made it all up for their own renown. I am just cautious about secret believers. Until they come out, I don't know what good they are doing the kingdom of the LORD.  

Caveat emptor.  If you are buying into this report about Kaduri, then "Let the buyer beware."


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Kaduri was saved. He just proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah in his own way. We must not judge him or anyone on their methods. I am not perfect, Rabbi Kaduri was not perfect, you are not perfect. Yet Jesus still loves us all and saves us all who ask him to forgive us. Since Kaduri spoke with Jesus as I have and I presume you have, than I have no reason to believe that Kaduri was not saved as, in fact, he did not deny Jesus, but did name him as the Messiah. All of us Christians can feel Jesus coming for us soon, so maybe Kaduri's prophecy may have value. Not building my faith on his prophecy, just saying that I never asked Jesus when he will return for us, but apparently Kaduri did. Good question, I was just honored to have him visit me, I didn't see need to ask detailed info. Anyway that's my $0.02 God bless <><

Donna Diorio, IsraelWatcher said...

As I wrote, Anonymous, "I am not saying that Rabbi Kaduri did not have some revelation of the identity of Yeshua, BUT I ABSOLUTELY CAUTION you against receiving a prophetic date setting of Messiah's return based on the word of a Kabbalist rabbi who did not come out of the closet about his faith in an open way, and even in a closed way only a year after his death!"

Lots of people quote that we should not judge, but the scripture also tells us, "he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man."

The scripture always offers us a dilemma in instruction, telling us that we are not to be judgmental, but we are to judge all things. This way, we have to lean into the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know which way to go.

So I stand by what I have written here.

Becky Blanton said...

Donna, thank you for this thoughtful piece. I have seen the video about Rabbi Kaduri's naming the Messiah and his prophecy and I keep a "Google alert" on Ariel Sharon's name so I hear the news of his passing when it comes, if it comes before the rapture. But I don't put a lot of weight in it - as you say, Kaduri was a Kabbalist and he may be predicting the return of the ANTICHRIST, not the true messiah.

The disciples, though they walked with Christ himself, still "searched the scriptures daily" to see if what they were hearing was so.

We were told there would be prophets in the end times, and yet, to test ALL prophets. I think your caution in this matter is wise and scriptural. I look at the St. Malachi Prophecies about the last Pope, and about other signs (earthquakes, famine etc) and I know Satan will use those things to advance his agenda even if they are true.

I believe Christ is "almost at the door" and has given us many, many signs and verses about what to look for! Those other things only increase my faith and belief that Christ is on his way for his church, and remind me HE LIVES!

Like you, I don't think it's anything to debate about or to put trust in. It is simply another reminder that Christ said he would return for us and that the world, saved or not, knows that he will keep his word.